UFC Latest: Cormier chokes out Lewis, keeps heavyweight belt


Three no three finishes to belts for way. Classes pretty damn good year for the third nine year old Dana Cormie. Chuck race ozo- breaks, Chris widens heart in the third round. With knockout. What performance what fight that was? Unbelievable. Israel out of Sonya has arrived. He is no longer the future. He is the present what a win over Derek Brunson. Jared cannon year taking a fight on two weeks. Notice. A lot of fun things happen on Saturday. Of course, it wasn't the stat card that you'll see two five and two seventeen were. But it was a fun night at MSG. And as always luck going on in the world of 'em may and combat sports. How about Floyd Mayweather going to rise in? We'll talk more about that on the Poche show with Newark, Rick who is back from his six month long vacation, and I do believe Hawaii. And so we'll talk to him about that. We'll talk to him about two thirty all that and more. That's coming up on the post show. But today on the program we're talking to thirty. We've got three in studio guests we've got a lot of big name stopping by slummy run down today's lineup. And then we shall get to our first guest

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