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Hundred and the Mavericks and grizzlies plus five thousand. Oh, man. Some basketball is generally one of the gives it, you know, sports predict like the final teams when it comes to gambling or so this opportunity, but you have to pay a premium for the favorites. So or their architecture, again, rockets or minus four fifty. Yeah, that's crazy. Crazy. I, but yeah, I, I mean, I don't really see avenue to maybe the Spurs pay call it all together and you know the rockets have pretty bad injury walk. But you know, I mean, sure. James getting hurt. I don't see how the rockets don't limits division. So I probably way for fifteen, but stay away for me. All right. These southeast division, we've got the Washington Wizards, and this could this is sort of an anybody to anybody's guests vision for me. The wizards minus one fifty, the heat plus two hundred, the Hornets plus twelve hundred. The magic plus fourteen the hawks plus five thousand. Oh, man. Yeah, not the hawks. Wait, who's the wizard who second. The Miami Heat were second plus two hundred per sky book. Yeah. Well, I don't know if they thought the wizards. My gut this team with world the on somebody issues that they all have together last year, but I hate to do is to the chalk thing. But I, I think I gotta go with with the wizards. Again, I want sippy, not too bad of the, especially when you compare to the rockets and I think they're clearly best team of us teams the division you've got John wall. You've got the best, maybe the best two players in this division. So I I like the Cam there by the way, if all or nothing has been expanding over the last couple of years, they did the Michigan football and they did the Cowboys and they did in this rugby thing. And I think there's another one forgetting if we could get an their thing for the NBA. I would love to spend a season with the Washington Wizards. That would be fun there. There'd be a couple of really fun. Teams could add. But yeah, the wizards would be one for sure. All right. Well, let's talk about the Pacific Division on kinda. Go the Golden State Warriors are these light favorites at minus thirteen hundred Scotto cast the Lakers plus thousand the clippers plus three thousand and the Soanes and kings at plus eight thousand. Yeah. I mean, that's so much to lay like you'd never do that the futures. But I mean, there's, I guess I would probably if I had to bet what wake with those on on the off chance that they make a move or ally midseason and somehow the warriors just don't give a damn about the regular season. This here, their injuries and whatever else. So I might I might go with drawn in the Lakers just because it's value play, but I wouldn't feel good about it. I obviously wouldn't make them to win the division, but that just seems value is like the right call. Yeah. I mean, there is always the chance that the warriors are just not gonna care. They're just not not gonna care about what happens in the regular season. Let's not forget. You know, they didn't even win the west in terms of record less. You're the rockets did. So it's right phrase e to think that somebody else could win the division. And then the warriors just run through the playoffs and sixteen games. Yeah, I mean a little crazy, but it's not super. Crazy. I agree. All right. The north west vision sky book has the thunder and jazz at plus two twenty five. The nuggets at plus four fifty, the timber wolves plus five hundred and the Trail Blazers at plus six hundred the odds-on worst team in the division. Wow, you know, I, I kinda like the blazers. They're the blazers that were right out of the nuggets. The blazers are. Yeah, they're in the the highest odds in this plus six hundred. Yeah. I like that a lot..

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