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It was published on October fifth. Is talking about Christopher Browning? Who is the the respected historian of the holocaust? And he talks about how everything you've been talking about. But that it's that Mitch McConnell one who's leading all this go through without article without gurgles. And who is Steve Bannon is the modern day version or maybe Stephen Miller and without the Rahm ran the army, I'm trying to remember the name of the of the German legislature? Who is functionally the head of the German parliament, Paul van Hindenburg well hidden. Yeah. He actually I it's been so many years it's been at least thirty years since I since I read the rise and fall Third Reich, but Hindenburg played a big role in it. I don't remember if he was exactly what his title was. But there were several senior legislators in the German parliament who basically made it all work for Hitler. And. And he's comparing this to Mitch McConnell, and it was a very interesting article, which you should probably look at it may start who says I mean, you know, obviously, Mitch McConnell has no respect for the rule of law. Not respect for tradition. No respect for the constitution. We saw that in blocking Obama's federal judges for eight years completely blocking them for the last two years walking, Merrick garland, obstructing based on everything changing the rules of the Senate changing the filibuster rules over and over and over again. And and I my biggest fear is that. My two biggest fears right now are concerned showy say are that one? The biggest one is that the Democrats don't actually take the house in which case you've got Trump unleashed unchained and his declaration that we have an emergency because there's Brown people coming from the south if he were to actually declare a legal state of emergency under the Patriot Act or something like that because of a quote, foreign invasion, the powers that he would acquire are incredible. And that could be the end I mean that could be the absolute flipping turning point if he were to do that. And I could see him doing that. If the Democrats win the Republicans win I can see him doing that easily after their sworn in January because they'll just be syncopated to what he's doing. If the Democrats are to win. They've got a two month period between the November sixth election in the first week in January when they get sworn in as as you know, when the New Democrats get sworn in and the old Republicans have to leave. That two month period, roughly is a time of enormous danger. And it's also a tie of Norma's distraction. You got thanksgiving and Christmas in there. And those holidays, you know, people are not paying attention to what's going on. They're not paying attention to the news. I had concerns me tremendously candy. Thank you for the call on for the heads up on that. That was a good one George in Chicago. Hey, George what's up. Tom. I was just wondering first off if you could remind us of the title Milton Myers book, you smoke mayor's book is they thought they were free. They thought they had my, and my friend Armand layman's book is titled and I just look over on Amazon. It's no longer in print, but there's lots of us copies for like three bucks. Armand layman's book is titled in Hitler's bunker, a boy soldiers eyewitness account of his last days. Very much. I was just wondering if you've heard of him. Monthly newsletter called the Washington spectator. It's published by the public concern foundation out of Washington. Yeah. I used to used to they used to pass it out when you walk into the subways and things in Washington DC when I lived there. It's a it's a it's a free right wing paper. If I'm thinking of the same thing, or am I think the Washington Examiner? The Washington spectator is very much on our side and the defense. Okay. I know in that case, I'm not that familiar with the Georgia. I'm sorry. The publisher and editor is Hamilton fish. I just wanted to tell you a couple of lines that he wrote recently, and it sounds like they came out of your mouth speaking about the scale of what we stand to lose in this country, and what we're being forced to endear, and he says, and it's not all quote, Trump, unquote. But it is what Trump has revealed about the underbelly. Now, the foreground very nation right about the fragility of our belly who democracy about the inadequacies of our halo checks and balances and about the powerlessness of our own majority. One man two years and all of it exposed as a Potemkin village, but that that phrase, which is an Italic the powerlessness of the majority. This is what the Republicans and the.

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