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Because he's the reason I never get married in the first point you sink into this, depression, they're saying, and you lose it. Yeah. And it seems like all these other studies saying that women seem to do just fine. They don't even give a shit. They take your money. And then they live without you. Right. They roll away with your benefits after you go, right? Well, they know how to use the toaster in the washing machine. And so. And by the way. We just did a study about this is a lot of these broads end up suffering from dementia. So you spent your whole life with them. So that they can take care when you start to go and losing their minds. It's just not a it's not a pretty picture the whole thing. Getting tangled up lying. No, no. It's really weird, by the way. This is not all men, it's men with low resilience. And I don't know how they measure that. Right. I don't know either. But it's just a good example to stay out of here. Broncos have released quarterback Chad Kelly for arrest for criminal trespassing. Yeah. This is incredible. Deal he disappeared in some woman's house. And apparently was in the wrong house in Englewood, Colorado. And. See sat down on the couch next to this woman, and and their young child and was mumbling incoherently, according to court records. Oh, wow. Yeah. He apparently had left a hollow lean party hosted by teammate von Miller. The homeowner thought the police that he locked the door. I'd say he told police they found no signs of forced entry. So he just walked in. According to the police report, I guess your friend has taken a couple of hits the head. Dealt with a concussion or two in his time. And and also baby had a concussion drink over there too or concussion drink. Yeah. That vonda Allison. Perhaps though. Yes. Michigan gymnastics coach arrested for bagging one of the gymnasts. Yeah. This is kind of crazy. The Michigan knock to gang a great great look here after going to that Larry Nassar scandal, and that whole thing. Well, now, you can add a gymnastics coach he may have been banging one of the girls on the team and gymnastics team. The police found him I guess allegedly having sex in in a car. Yeah. That's not so allegedly apparently very much. So yeah. Performing an indecent act. In public is Boston four she got busted too. I wanna point out that it's not just him. A rep from the university of Michigan confirmed that our friend Scotty had been immediately suspended team. Finally, if you ever need to be convinced, you don't you don't need a relationship. Just turn your tension to this this Ronnie dude from the jersey shore and his broad that he's within the public fighting that goes on. It's absolutely the most fucked up thing ever, it's it's actually awesome. It's awesome fun for everybody. So now, he ends up with a black eye. Yeah. And he's blaming it on on this girl. And I had to tell you they they know I'm sure that the reality producers love this because people are tuning into the to the stupid show. Now, it's something to watch those to fight and they fight for real. But now, they they go to social media every time something happening is showing he he won't give up an opportunity to say is girl attack. And this is the best one. So far the one the one where she allegedly dragged him with. With her Mercedes Benz. Good. We're really waiting for is a.

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