Deutsche Bank says to swing to profit in 2018 despite steep third quarter drop


Bank fake is. Of course, the the Nordic banks awnings breaking this morning as well profit in the quarter fell short of expectations net income fell eighteen percent to six hundred and eighty four million euros, the CEO casper on the coast school is saying that the three months to the end of September were challenging are not satisfied with the revenue development. Nordia says also down year today not as badly hit as deutchebanks still though we're seeing loss here of some sixteen percent for Nordia Bancshares. And this, of course, only really the tip of the iceberg when it comes to European earning said this morning Matt's. Yeah, we're getting so. So many of them. Let's just go back and forth here Norsk Hydro third quarter underlying Ebid earnings before interest and taxes operating profit was two point six eight billion kronor the estimate was for one point eight seven billion kroner, so really blowing away the under the underlying operating profit estimate from the street revenue was thirty nine point seven seven billion kronor that's a little bit less than the forty

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