Everything We Know About Jennifer Garner's New Boyfriend


Can we get these burgers? What's happening? Fifty of them. I don't think there are any around here. Okay. That being said, then the story from people magazine is that Jennifer garner is casually dating. John Miller a source saying he hasn't met her kids who do we believe? Well, I tend to believe our source NT lawyer who would say they're very seriously dating, and they have been for quite some time that she has been waiting for this divorce to be final. So that she could debut this relationship to the world at large are saying gene has been wanting to move on. And now that the divorce is finalized. She finally can she has had no choice, but to be patient since Ben needed to finish his rehab treatment. But she was ready to sign the papers. Yeah. I mean, I tend to believe that this probably has been going on for some time. And and maybe the narrative that this is a newer relationship is more about kind of the appearance. Of course. She's she's dancing on. So the marriage is great, please consider for a moment. Why we continue to talk about these two. Now, I know there are actual stories happen as we are in love with them you. Okay. But why are you? And when you think about it, Jennifer. Garner. I know what does she do? She has she likes farms. She does that commercial for that credit capital. Cute. Sweet. Thirty. I loved that peace making food. We don't talk about people unless they want us to talk about them. So that leads me to believe that she's telling a story, you guys know that you're turning into conspiracy hurting we we were there like a year ago we invented conspiracy. No, we didn't know you didn't it, but you should have. Her show tune into Cobra for conspiracy theories. Yeah. Yeah. Seriously. It's nice fair. It's look we go we go there. And then we come back. It's a nice destination for a vacation. But we don't live there now. Okay. So we're willing to entertain your truth. Guys post Malone has spent over forty thousand dollars on post mates deliveries in care now this if he's. Thousand total endorsement opportunity. I don't know. What is he made more than six hundred sixty orders in fifty two cities nationwide spending upwards of forty thousand dollars on

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