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Tampa Bay defence is just horrendous for you saw at Browns game and now without Quantel exander after he tore in UCLA, they did such few talented players that defense outside of Gerald McCoy. So I I love the Bengals in this one. The Baltimore Ravens traveled Carolina's take on the Panthers Sky Bow cast the Panthers plus two. Interesting total come off the MAC game. I mean, so the Braves that doubt finish was one of the most unlikely finishes we've seen what Jephson talker missing that extra point. Yes. And then the Panthers obviously that ridiculous comeback win against your boys. I man so to just two teams have very opposing finishes. I I like the ravens I think that they're definitely a better team. I just don't buy this Panthers. Maybe you can speak to more than me. But I just don't think they're very good. I have no feel for them either, sir. None whatsoever. Never do with a Cam Newton team. Yes. That's true. Even that you. Agreed. The Indianapolis Colts traveled to Oakland to take on the powerhouse Oakland, Raiders, raiders, plus three prescribe the head. This is a wild line because it playing that the colts would be favored by nine against anyone at home. And especially the raiders, I I gotta take the raiders with the points. I I do think the Coulter get a win. But that is that's notably line says an embarrassment for Jon Gruden right there. And Jon Gruden has been in a barrister for the radio. Yes, there you go. The San Francisco forty Niners traveled to Arizona. Take on the Zona cardinals. It's a pick him. Surprise. This isn't a Thursday. All right, man. This is bad. Boy, I think I gotta take the Niners here. I don't think that there were some cardinals. Or no, I'm sorry. It's era Zona I will take his own that I thought it was San Francisco I will take the cardinals. I think that that Thursday night game was a little bit of a misnomer. I still like Josh Rosen. I know that I'm probably in the vast minority, but you know, as offense wasn't doing him any favors. I love that Byron left which is going to run that show. Now, I will take Zona to win out. Right. Sorry about this one in advance. Oh, Green Bay Packers traveled to Los Angeles to take on the Los Angeles. Rams skype. Book has the Rams minus nine will. And Aaron Rodgers has never in his career been more than an eight point underdog at how this is the biggest line in his in his career and Packers coming off the bye, no less to go away. Pretty pretty shocking there. You know, the Packers are almost completely healthy as far as players there. You know, not out of the season. His rarity at this point. The Rams are seven oh. Maybe there's a home repair. I think the Packers are going to cover. This spread though. I I'm not saying they're gonna win. But I think that they're gonna cover. I think there's too much pride on that team to get absolutely blown out the door out the building. And you know, no Cooper Cup. No, Marcus Peters. Like, this isn't quite what the Rams will be down the line. I'm sorry. No, keep delayed. I think peers will probably play. But. Yeah. All right. This is quickly becoming my favorite part of this. What's the over under on this? Oh, man. I'm goin' fifty seven and a half your closest yet, sir. Fifty seven. Aw, man. One day. You will get the win the one million dollar prize. Nice disguise has a worded. Yes. You just invoice. Bow. Send my van mole request at Skybow. Or it's like a it's like, America's got talent. Where if you watch the end of the show, they tell you that the million dollar prize is paid off over in new witty that covers forty years. Yeah. Checks. Well, it's from sky book. So it's free the New Orleans Saints traveled a Minnesota take on the Minnesota Vikings, the forementioned sky book has this as a pick him. I gotta say before bench..

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