Explainer 138: What does the Wentworth by-election mean for Australias conservatives?


John Morrison, deuce wave willing chilly. So the people of the strike in the office of prime minister and all be August Morrison became a strenuous forty. Seventh prime minister in the last three months, something like that. Anyway, it's getting tough to keep up his chances of staying in office long enough to enjoy any redecoration. He may have requested took a significant dip at the weekend when he's party contrived to lose a by-election for one of the safest seats in the country and in so doing to the coalition, they lead into a minority government. I knew there would be tough ties, and there would be great dice today is a tough day, but the great dies are coming. Resulted? I is on liberals not on dive sham. The federal electorate of windless embraces several of the richest suburbs of Sydney, the most expensive city in one of the world's wealthiest countries Wentworth has been a look for the liberal party that Morrison leads since that party was founded in nineteen forty four, you'll reminder that Australia's liberal party is actually straights conservative party and for the liberals ancestor parties all the way back to a strenuous first general election in nineteen o one the MP who've AK aided the seat was Morrison's, immediate predescessor as prime minister. Malcolm Turnbull who as recently as two thousand sixteen, retain the seat with sixty two percent of the vote. So the liberal party should know more lose Wentworth than a strenuous cricket. Team should lose a test match to Greenland bellarusse, but lose it. They have and they're tiny parliamentary majority with it. One, the c would make history and my friends, we have made history. With sufficient time having now elapsed to Dan, those torrents of Sheldon for delays tiers of lofta the questions of how and why must be addressed. The liberals loss of Wentworth is a consequence of hubris. Specifically, the kind of complacency that can sit in when you've held a seat for a hundred seventeen years. The candidate they stood was a solid if uninspiring technocrat, who doesn't even live in Wentworth. Although in Dave shamans defense, few people can't afford to. It's the kind of place where even Malcolm Turnbull splendid. Harbourside pile doesn't seem untoward -ly Austin, Texas, and he'd been reluctant to relocate to the prime minister's official residence because he didn't want to move to smaller house. A contemptible has offered to stay in his fifty million dollar plus homicide mansion rather than move into the official Sydney residents curability house. The prime minister said his own house is closer to his grandson, and that he and his wife will use cure villi flu official functions and that sort of get up that, what do you think? But to criticize the liberals choice of candidate is to say nothing of the monstrous blundered caused the by election in the first. Place, which was the liberal party's decision to oust turn before the end of his term in an attempt to bathe in a more popular newly before the next general election ju by may two thousand nineteen if opinion polls, and now went worth, are any guide. The liberals have committed the Aira recently endemic industry in politics of chosing alita better liked by these Ellas party hardcore than by a bewildered voting public. Which brings us to what might be gleaned from went with choice of new MP. The by election in windward. She is Karen Phelps previously president of the astray in medical association and deputy Lord male Sydney, she stood for Wentworth. It should be made clear as an independent. The world has not turned entirely upside down and the liberals losing Wentworth to labor would not merely be like a stroke. Cricket team losing test match to Greenland or Belarus, but to Greenland or Bila Russa's basketball scored. But it's what Phillips believes and perhaps who Philps is, which suggests that the liberal party might have misjudged the direction in which the wind is blowing. The liberal party has long banked usually correctly on the idea that forest Reagan's economic conservatism and social conservatism of the same thing. The voters of Wentworth are begging to differ VO they are as unlikely as ever to hoist. The scarlet standard. Join a chorus of the Internationale and begin distributing this bay yacht factory workers. They've just elected gay woman who's policy priorities are climate change, and the fate of asylum seekers marooned on the rue industry is offshore holding facility. Young people, any women, any sparring independence out there? If you are thinking of running from parliament or running for public office? Yes, incumbent tough. Yes. The road can be hard, but it is so worth while that we have the right people stepping up to represent string. Now, only just governing party has me and months to get a more persuasive act together else, spare a thought for observers, Austrailia, politics, who will find themselves confronting these sixth occupant of the prime minister's office this decade and with all the jokes about revolving doors and the Jek deceits already long since done for monocle twenty four. I'm Andrew.

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