McConnell: Senate won't be 'intimidated' by 'mob-like tactics' of protesters


Over von Jack Callaghan. Fox news. The mob was able to intimidate the Senate Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell telling FOX's the Ingram angle. He's proud of the Senate for reaching the precipice of a confirmation vote. We did the right thing for a good, man. Fill the lifetime of the supreme court has lot. Celebrate today. Couldn't be prouder of all of my members. Senator Collins was outstanding. Maine Senator Susan Collins all but assuring judge Brad Kavanagh's confirmation when she told the Senate on Friday. Mr president. I will vote firm. Judge cabinet West Virginia. Democrat Senator Joe Manchin announced he would vote for the confirmation as well. But Alaska Republican Lisa Murkowski said she did not think Cavanaugh was the right judge full-time, but she will vote present rather than no if nothing else changes sometime late Saturday, the Senate should

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