Podcast Consumer Canada 2018 research released; RadioPublic launches tipping



In the latest part news. The podcast consumer Canada, two thousand eighteen report has been released by Edison research and TRITON digital nineteen percent of Canadian adult. So weekly podcast listeners and twenty eight percent. A monthly podcast listeners, radio public has launched tipping. Now fans can tip you for any amount up to one hundred dollars right in the app, and it goes directly into your Bank account. The company says no entertainment in Australia, released a podcasting intelligence report with acoss last month has plenty of useful data around podcasting for marketers willing to that pod news dot net. Also, Facebook has launched premieres a new interactive video formats that lets publishers and creators release a prerecorded video as a live moment in India. We have notes from podcast, meet up in Bangalore, including from a podcast app story. Oh, the forthcoming BBC. Sounds app will be the BBC's podcast and radio app within the UK Sean. Lately, and that will have specific mixes and playlists according to a job at and of notes linked to a podcast page from the intercepts which includes yes, links to all major podcast apps but also had new podcasting link that explains what podcasting is all about. Maybe that's inspiration for you to

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