What happened to Saudi Journalist Jamal Khashoggi: Developments since disappearance


Saudi Arabia today, and you right? The he sat down and hands and smiled and had a nice conversation with them, which I think was a little jarring to to some foreign policy observers, given what is suspected about Saudi Arabia's role generally in the crown jewel role. Specifically, I shook his disappearance. He's expected to after being in Saudi Arabia to travel to Turkey and talk to investigators their heating correspond peyot by President Trump as you said continues to sort of further the Saudi Arabian line on this. He very recently in a tweet is suggested the same thing that Saudi Arabia denies having any involvement. You know it yesterday. He said there maybe there were real killers that were involved. He's very much sort of taking a base value. What's the Saudi Arabian say happened? Something that happens with the president. When when he likes someone if they're denial is forceful. He quotes that he doesn't demand proof when he talks about getting answers in a forceful way. And sometimes there is some speculation. And you mentioned that the the road killers that looks like that what that could have been right. So yes, you're absolutely right. The President Trump when he feels politically allied with someone who's happy to take their denials valley. We did it most the most obvious payroll here is Putin's nine Russian interference in two thousand sixteen election. He did it also Alabama Senate candidate ROY Moore and the allegations that he had faced. So it's not clear at this point in time. What Saudi Arabia if anything will top to other? Are these reports that suggest that they'd meant to simply kidnap in interrogate to show you, which of course, by itself is something that is it's put mildly on toward an inborn policy, but that, you know? Someone got carried away or something along those lines. Not really sure what what they might say. But it certainly is the case that President Trump might then circle back and say, well, this is what I said rogue killers. But all of this stuff is so vague and market is points, really hard to say what what happens next. I noticed today at the publisher of your paper put out a pretty strong statement. And I'm wondering though, what the thinking is about what more can be reasonably done. It's a fair question. I mean, obviously the post has. Are our most powerful tool is is our voices institution, the the publisher and the the editorial pages have, you know? Issued a lot of statements about this. I work on the editorial side. Might place to try and demand. What Saudi Arabia do but the real pressure forces the American government, and I think by drawing attention to what has happened by drawing attention continuing to do solid reporting on what we know about what actually happened puts pressure on American led officials to try and either at the very least find out what happened potentially further try and put some pressure on the Saudi Arabian government and hold them accountable. So this was a man who wrote for for your paper, and now you're covering this. What is it like for for the team to have to cover this over the last couple of weeks? Well, I mean, I think that one of the one of the more remarkable things that I've seen from the post coverages videos released by the Turkish government purporting to show sort of a timeline what happened after Shoghi disappeared. And there's a thing in the in the video where some of the time stamps didn't match up and our reporters pointed out, you know, this is potentially video which shows who actually killed someone that was an employee of the Washington Post, but it is still journalist journalistically responsible to note. Well. Video doesn't actually necessarily. There's some questions that are raised by that. And I think that's really reflects what the Washington Post is doing here, which is the same robust thorough skeptical job that we do and reporting anything else, despite the fact that this obviously it's much closer to home. Is there any credible alternative theory out there credible of what became of Mr. kashogi? Well, I I have not seen any credible. Reporting to suggest anything happened wearing he'd lost the Saudi embassy allies, it it sort of defies credibility. Given the fact that he was going there to get documents for his his wedding

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