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We'll IBM missed analysts quarterly revenue estimates sending a show at live street of sales gains its revenue fell. Percent to eighteen billion dollars in the third quarter. But here's a sign that the labor market is strong government reports job openings hit a fresh record. In August, send the share of workers quitting their jobs held at a seventeen year. High an analysts Zillow homeowners monthly housing costs have been increasing rapidly. Since the start of the year, Zillow says monthly cost for a typical home a more than fifteen percent higher than they were last year that represents an average increase of one hundred and eighteen dollars a month with the News Radio eight forty W H A S Bloomberg money report. I'm Donna Wilson. You may not realize it. But most of us already have an income plan. We call it a job. What what happens when you retire when the paychecks stops? But the bills keep on coming in. You have to have a plan an income plan for that. Hey, it's Tony Bonetti for material wealth advisers look net 4._0._1._K may not last forever. The. The number in retirement fear for so many people is that they could run out of money. If you current retirement strategy doesn't include an income plan, and it's not much of a strategy. The material team will sit

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