Arizona Senate race 2018


A Senate debate in the south gets heated with details. Here's USA's Timberg Republican Martha mcsally accused democrat Kirstin cinema saying it was okay to commit treason in the Arizona Senator debate that took place Monday night, Mick Sally, or cinema will replace Jeff flake who decided not to run in two thousand. Thousand eighteen towards the end of the debate things did get heated CNN reported that in two thousand three while she was on the radio, you said it was okay. For Americans to join the Taliban to fight. We're running out of time. We have to respond to now apologized at the veterans me for saying, it's okay. We are running out of time. So we got to get a response we need a response because she owes us an power lease Martha has chosen to run a campaign like the one you're seeing right now, it's. Aging ridiculous attacks and smearing my campaign, and she's trying to cut cut cut and not share the for pitcher. But the truth is that I've always thought for areas Sonal, and I have been proud to serve our state in elected office for over thirteen years. Arizona smell me. And they know my record

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