MLB -- Can Chicago Cubs capture the crown? With the Big Three, they say anything is possible


Rick slow and steady steady and slow. That's the way Kyle Hendricks goes. And it's the way the cubs are closing in on the National League central title to. They might get it today after an eight four win over Saint Louis yesterday. When Kyle Hendricks has command of his fastball. The rest of the pitching repertoire usually follows for the ten th time in his last twelve starts the cubs were winners. Joe Madden calling Hendrix stronger than spin is back to the weaker contact. I believe in general. I mean, just see looks strong. You look strong. The hand is good. Divorcing fastballs Eighty-eight sometimes eighty nine to two seamers would supposed to be and the cubs who looked like they were soon to give up first place in the NFL central have turned in three straight wins. With eighteen runs. Scored Hendrix finished the regular season just one inning shy of the two hundred Mark covering the cubs date. Kerner News Radio one zero five point nine FM. Kris Bryant homered for only the second time since he returned from the disabled list and Albert I'm more junior. Delivered a pinch hit two run singled offer a cushion Milwaukee beat the Tigers six five. So the magic number is to any combination of two cub wins and losses locks in. The crown Cole hamels can take care of part of that this afternoon against miles nNcholas and the cardinals they are still alive Saint Louis, but any loss or dodger win would knock the cardinals out of the

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