Ariana Grande longs for just 'one okay day'


Around grand Randy. We're flex on tough months in a motion, Twitter, plate, emotional, and a little concerning. Yeah. Ariana GRANDE is asking the universe to give her a break on Thursday. The songstress went on Twitter event, some of the emotions. She has been feeling in the wake of MAC, Miller Steph in one tweet she asks, can I please have one? Okay day just one please? She continued. I'm so tired, please Arianna then re tweeted one of her old tweets where she wrote, everything will be okay. I'm replied, just fucking kit j. fucking k. o like just kidding kidding. In the midst of her cryptic messages fan sledded her Twitter with messages of support and other Asian, the seemingly prompted of Grenada thing. Her fans for loving her so much. Even though she says, quote, I don't deserve it. We'll know the most concerning ones were like, I'm so tired. I just wanna go to sleep. I just, I feel so like badly for her. She's been through so much in her life and like I know. I mean, I don't know how you even come back from her whole situation in Manchester, like I can't even begin to think of what kind of feelings that makes you. Have and she did in a way that was like super authentic and unique and like really special and like didn't like she. She continues to honor the victims of the Manchester bombing, like in different unique special ways. And like to that to me that just proves like a strong person in general. And like just being in the spotlight as much as much as she is like, can't always be the easiest thing. And like now, people saying the most horrible discussing things that like it's her fault that MAC Miller killed himself. Like, are you kidding?

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