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I'm not married yet Haley, Baldwin and Justin Bieber our picture in New York after denying courthouse wedding, but keep quiet on rumors of impending ceremony in Canada. Just to be really out here trying to get married, isn't the same chicken before a different one. He's got a lot of women, but this is the last time we talked about him. We were talking about Hailey Baldwin, and there was a phone call where he looked like he was distraught on people thought maybe they were breaking up for some file. Okay. Somebody say he li- Joe dirt now face with age, I can't not see. That's kind of looks like David Spade. Yeah. Enemy, and I don't know if it's that he looks like Davis bay or he's just with a seventeen year old actress like. How old is he? I'm Davis vague or the. Oh, okay. This is this is David Spade like slice the same type of cheek over and over Joe. All that he okay. Okay. Haley Baldwin and Justin beaver left her Brooklyn apartment holding hands on Friday as the model spoke out to the ni- that they've already tied the knot out in came out to the duo.

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