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iHeartMedia buys HowStuffWorks



From London's Heathrow the latest pod news, US, radio and podcasting company. Iheart media is to acquire how stuff works spending fifty five million dollars for the company which is behind Atlanta, monster and stuff you should know. Company's headquarters will remain in Atlanta endeavor. A US talent agency is launching a new division Inteva audio for IT reports division will focus on developing producing and distributing podcasts with a wide range of talent among the companies. First podcast, first projects will be a crime. John revere coal from dick wolf and magical elves production company quietly. Beloved is a new podcast series that debuted earlier this week. It's a multifaceted portrait of LGBTQ chosen family from a cast and vice. He's Spotify doing pass through for some publishes recent announcements of BBC. Interna podcasts, joining the platform have leads Todd Cochran, and rob Greenlee to speculate in the new media show that Spotify a not cashing podcast for larger networks like these us enabling their dynamic at content and other elements. They do cash all audio for others. There Neil cowling, founder of the UK's fresh air productions post, say, call to arms to podcasters a constant stream of series involving two men talking to each other for a bit too long. His not the future for a vibrant medium. He says a piece with a naughty title. Colombian podcast is a movie podcast with the difference. One version contains spoilers for those who have seen the film and other version has those spoilers edited out for those who haven't and feminists don't wear pink is launched today, journalists and activists scanners. Curtis interviews, inspiring women about what feminism means to. Them and why it matters for all the links

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iHeartMedia buys HowStuffWorks

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