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We got a new category, predator here is the brasa predator Rostom on. So, yeah. We just watched the predator. It's stuck on my hat. It is. There? Yeah, we just wash it and I think we both kinda liked it. I think I liked it more than you did. Right. But I think we both raised a pretty high. Yeah, we did. I, I'm, I'm putting up my number three as my third favorite predator movie. What about so I put her to. I'm gonna put it right back to it, just it just ekes out over the second one predator to mostly because the action sequences and any movie were Gabe. UC dies. I kinda downgrade, you can't kill the man, Gary abusing, even then even before the movie that shows some previews and they talked about the second with the way Gary UC died had to be epic. Yeah, yeah. They were shown ended previews that was kind of like you pointed out. You've got cut in half, but we're talking. Fell down ever feel. Yeah, he's uttering see, I place it second, and you put just blow that third. I mean, I honestly came in thinking this movie was going to be, I would have probably been walking out, but I, I liked it. It was pretty good all the pre all the previews and the talk. I was expecting it to be bad and. Shane black. I don't know a lot of his work anyway, so I was kinda kinda if you on that. I didn't see a lot of the action sequences in the previews. So I think the action sequences really helped a lot to elevate it in my mind. Yeah. I know you also talked about some of the humor in it. Kind of didn't Dan deferred you little bit, or what did you think about some of the humor parts? There was more humor than normal in the first one had some humor into two, but it was more kind of almost dark humor, but it was. It was a little different. You know, we had key in it, so it's going to be a little humor. You got, it's like, you can't have. He's got to be the smart ass or he's got us say something funny. He can't. You can't not. It wasn't enough to make the movie bad for me, but it was close. It was borderline too much. I mean, we're starting at the yellow peaks on the humor part you you rated your third one, second one. Sorry, I got my third one. Let's the some people. And we're here with what's your name, Sir? John, just we just watched the predator. What'd you think spreading the good? I love. I mean, what did you think about the what? What did you think about the action sequences? I mean, where would you? Where would you rank this among the all the predator movies that are out there. I don't know if I can really say it's better than you know the original predator with Arnold, but in definitely ranks up there 'cause I put it, I put his second. I jumped way up to second. And any favorite part of the movies every what's your favorite part of this movie? Without giving any spoilers just, you know. The, I guess the big surprise, you know. All right. I know so many good parts. It's easy to stop. I was so surprised watching. This will be. I be honest, I thought I thought I was going to be walking out of this movie. I wasn't going to enjoy it as much as I did. So we were talking about on the way out of the theater and I was like, wow, it's way better than I thought. Yeah, I did enjoy it a lot more than I thought I was as you know, mo- most sequels tend to kind of go little downhill and this one, honestly, just about it all the way back. Did you notice they kept referencing the first two movies? I honestly, I was thinking that was expecting Arnold or Donald Donald Glover, Donald governor Daniels, Danny, Danny Glover. Sorry, Donald was Landau. I was expecting cameo from there, but never came out, but it's still pretty good. Right? Yeah, I was expecting Arnold because you know it's new predator movie, but we, we did get a beauty. We did. We did. We did play actually played the guy son keys, so. So you gave it thumbs up liked it to them. Thanks man. Right. Thank you.

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