Disney+ streaming service gets a new name, logo, and more confirmed content

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You know, I I've been wondering since Disney announced the streaming service, and this, you know, this deal with FOX going, you know, apparently going through, you know, what would be left for who with the Disney streaming service launching. But now that we know that the Disney streaming services going to be split up into right now five categories, National Geographic, Star Wars marvel Pixar in Disney that doesn't seem to include like ABC in the other like, you know, TD networks. I mean that Content's probably going to go on Hulu, not that anybody said anything about that. But. Chris I'm wondering, you probably watch more content that both mean been combined. Are you nervous? But what's going to happen too? I mean. Maybe you know, I don't think never happens now like Hulu content just going to go up in smoke. The way film struck is unfortunately, but yeah, I'm not really sure I mean, you know, I do like Hulu, I don't mind the interface so much. So I guess it's it's really a wait and see sort of thing. What do you think about the original programming on who is thus far? I haven't seen a lot of it. But the the stuff I've watched I liked I really liked Castlerock. I've loved the looming tower, which is another one of their shows. So it's they're slowly building their own lineup. It's not quite as good as net flicks yet. And I don't think it's quite as buzz about like, I really like the show they made call the first about going to Mars with Sean Penn. But I haven't seen anyone talk. I really don't know if they're having as much impact as they should be. It's weird for me, the Hulu original programming fuels more like network to login than it does like cable or premium like cable programming like Netflix, and, you know, aim see in the HBO that kind of stuff Ben do you have any experience originals? Yeah. I mean, I watched the Handmaid's tale. That's the big one that I've seen every episode of that one certainly doesn't seem like something that looked be on network TV. But I think. Really? I don't know for me. I haven't really watched much of their original stuff beyond that. I've seen some of the episodes of the Mindy project, which Hulu saved after NBC cancelled it, but yeah, I haven't really gotten a chance added a bunch of stuff to Mike you there. But it's sort of like the the third or fourth thing that I check through when I'm looking to watch something I'll I'll go to my DVR first. And then I'll go to like Netflix, and then check down to, you know, HBO go or something like that. And then go to Hulu, and so, yeah, there's still a lot there that I haven't something my teeth into yet is hint speeds tail the the loan esteem show original show who at this point. I can't think of anything else I can have them. And I can't think I mean Castlerock had a lot of hype around it. But I don't think that's like prestige. Yeah. That's not going to be. I don't think we're going to see a lot of that with the word season and stuff that. Yeah. It'll be interesting. What happens to? Who and also wear Twentieth Century, Fox falls into this. Because we don't know, you know, we we've heard that wants to keep this Disney streaming service this Disney. Plus, I don't like this name had been. I know Ben you like it. But like what does that even mean Disney? Plus, it's like more than Disney. Yeah. It's I don't know. Google. Plus to me, isn't that like a thing like Google, plus or my remembering something wrong that was a thing. Thing. Of. No, it's a. I'm wondering if Twentieth Century Fox could, you know, become the six brand in that Disney streaming service, or if the the FOX content might somehow fall into who in some way, like is that too is it to adult is it above the family friendly threshold, then Disney wants to keep on the streaming service. Yeah. Like would they include some of that stuff in the Disney category? Because that you know, the just the word Disney sort of implies family friendly. So yeah, I can see what you're talking about there that might be a problem. But then it's Disney. Plus, so it could be more than just Disney. Right. Yeah. Disney after door to that. Time..

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