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Colts roll to their 4th straight victory, 38-10 over the Titans

The Adam Schefter Podcast
1 year ago

Like the colts made out seem like look we chose Philip rivers instead of Tom Brady

The Herd
5 d ago


Is unbelievable to me because this team that was maligned and now the colts have gone five straight games. Yes, sir. Without allowing a sack, which is the longest sackless streak since Steve McNair when six straight games without a second two thousand six who would have thought this collection of Lyman this cults. Team would be the line that would go five straight games without surrendering sack. What is that line doing what does that offense doing? What is that team doing that? All of a sudden, Andrew luck cannot get touch during a game is unbelievable in Chris Ballard GM and Frank Reich. The head coach have done a phenomenal job at changing the culture in that locker room. And when I say that even in training camp, I went in and I watched them, and I talk to the offense of line Antarctica the team after practice, and I remember going in yesterday, and we walk in the locker room pre-game, and I told told Chris and Frank this feels like home this is the locker room that I'm used to when you walk in. There's an expectation. They're going to win games. There's an expectation that their offense and defensive lines are going to are going to run roughshod and give them a chance to win games. And I'm so proud of of the. Culture that has been created in such a short window. It's Ballard singing and Frank's first, but the culture that's being developed and the belief by these men that they're going to go somewhere. They may not be this year. You know, they may have some pieces they gotta fix, but I'm telling you there is a belief in this locker room amongst these guys did impact a football team not for just one season. But for a collection of seasons and not only did Andrew luck. Not get set. He didn't get touched yesterday against a line in a defense. Totally ret Tom Brady and the patriots the week before. I mean, they harass radio all over the field. They couldn't touch Andrew luck. And the throws it. He's making the timing that he's throwing on when his foot hits the ground. I could I could take cutouts of manning and that offense with Frank Reich years ago when we were playing and look yesterday when it's back foot is hitting the ground. He knows where the ball's going whether it's Hilton on a post whether it's a drag out whether it's a hitch on the silent what and the ball is. Coming out and the trust. He has between the receivers tied ends and backs of where they're supposed to be it looks like the offense that it should be and the timing, and the consistency that everybody's playing with it all starts with elephants of line. But everybody's bought into the philosophy of whoever's turn it is. They're going to get the play. And I'm telling you man, I told him yesterday. We've been texting this morning. I'm just so proud of the way that they're handling it and Q Nelson Quinton Nelson. They're they're pick their first round pick. He was six or eight. I can't remember whatever the number was this guy is ex. He is an animal. I mean, he is an absolute animal he lives like baby. Huey. And he's got this massive by little little biddy had beetle juice. You know, and he is a laying people out, but Smith from Auburn. Yeah. I think he was the second round pick in this kid is is playing ball, and they all are encouraging each other. You know, Ryan Kelly their center this is third year Li it's best football. He's playing and I was talking to him before the game. I'm healthy. I can binned can move. He got a little banged up yesterday. I'm good. Yeah. But but this kid is playing and everybody's game is being elevated because of q