Moving on from the 'John Wall Practice Altercation', what are the Wizards' options now?

The Starters


Broke a few hours before a number of reports on recent yelling matches during wizards practices hit the Twitter machine. I'm sure you guys saw this. Just to quickly touch on some of it. Bill reportedly blamed general manager, Ernie Grunfeld for this entire mess. It's been here seven years, and he's seen this for seven years. Two long wall reportedly f-bomb to Scott Brooks Kelly Oubre junior did the same thing. Austin rivers got into it with Bill wall got into it with Jeff green, Joe hells, Joe hose told yawn Muhima that is Christmas look ticky. Okay. I made the last one up Joe has really likes the Christmas lights that a y'all has up in his neighborhood. But this is crazy a fire sale could be on the horizon here. What do you do if you're the wizards? And I tell you something about these wizards and locks don't let them fool you. They're not cheap. What do you do? Then. He's right. Yeah. That's the part of the problem here, right? They have their fighting eleven and they're now saying, they're at least admitting they've looked in the mirror and said, okay. May we gotta do something. Here. We got to break up this core. Yeah. It's crazy because they have one hundred seventeen million committed next year. So there over the cap, but they also have ten free agents this coming off season. Thanks body. Marsha that? So So it's it's a. it's you gotta do one or the other. I mean, you really have to say to yourself. We haven't been good for a couple of years. I don't think John wall and his trade value are gonna go up this year. No matter what happens. And I think he's got to grow up somewhere else. I don't think it's going to happen in Washington. And again, if you treat Bradley Beal, I don't think that's blown it up. I think you have to trade John wall. I thought coming into the season we talked about Dwight Howard is that a good signing. I thought well, you know, what as far as the locker room goes can't get any worse will it has gotten worse, and you have to cut it off. Now. Now, you have to train them to any cost at any. I mean like because I would have to attach pick. You would think with some sort of incentive for team to take that for Johnny? You know is taking that contract is straight up. You gotta take a lot of junk back. Right. So maybe that's the

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