6 arrested on sex charges at Toronto all-boys school highlighting bigger issues

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Late last week disturbing. News broke about alleged assaults sexual assaults at Saint Michael's college. School in Toronto and elite Toronto high school is being rocked by a sexual assault investigation. The act apparently videotaped and then exchange stunning morning from police to a race any copies or face child pornography charges. Toronto police they're now investigating multiple incidents at the private boys school one of those incidents. It reportedly involved members of the football team and video it reportedly shows a group of boys holding down another student and allegedly sexually assaulting him with what appears to be a broom handle this video. It was reportedly shared on social media on Sunday the school announced it would carry out an independent examination of its culture. And it's values and is shocking. As the story is when I heard it. It was also really familiar university wants to know what really happened. During the alleged hazing ritual back in two thousand five something similar happened at McGill University. When I was studying dursey mccune was an eighteen year old rookie football pair at the time, and is part of an initiation he was sexually assaulted with a broom handle that incident. It also knighted a debate about assault sexual assault and hazing in sports today. I'm gonna talk with Darcy what happened to him. And what if anything has changed since our tried to be the voice of reason, the rookie locker room just letting them know that there's no way that the stupid enough to do that. I mean, they were smart enough to get into this university. So why would they think that that's okay that's coming up on front burner? Hi, I'm Dr McEwen from Toronto Ontario. I want to start in two thousand five when you were eighteen starting to attend McGill University and play for the football team. Why why did you choose to go to McGill in the first place? You know, the university had a great reputation they had actively recruited me along with some other schools, and they really show that they wanted me and how I'd fit in. And you know, there was a certain allure about playing on the same field as the Alouette was really excited to to try to start my versity critter. Can you? Tell me about the beginning of the season. What what was it like being on the football team? It was definitely intimidating coming in because I never been in that type of university facility as a player so you walking through and they're all these first athletes near there about a week or two before any of the other students are for training camp. So everyone there has a purpose. The staff are all fully devoted to training camps. And the players don't have to worry about classes there. The just there to get you know, to learn the plays to get the reps in to get back into football mode, and mentally you could maybe you feel that there's bit of a bigger jump between, you know, your friends in high school and you're playing with on the team they're versus you're playing with on the university level. You know, some post grads could be close at thirty injury eighteen what was it dynamically in those first few weeks? Was there anything that was happening there that made you feel uncomfortable as a rookie player coming in his rookie? You had to. Earn your spot and rookies all new players were in separate locker rooms you weren't allowed in the returning player or what would become the team locker room. We were singled out as rookies, you know, people a rookie can wait. I'm I I need to get taped. I in that kind of thing. So, you know. Trying to shift us a bit more to being second class citizens. Did you did you feel like this was abnormal or in those first few weeks? Are you just kind of going along with it thinking that this is just part of the course, I noted as long as I could you know, there were threats about initiation night and all these things blasting around. And I tried to be the voice of reason, the rookie locker room just letting them know that you know, they're just running their mouths. There's no way that the stupid enough to do that any of that type of stuff. I mean, they were smart enough to get into this university. So why would they think that that's okay? I kind of blew off until it got to a point where in between practices when we're at the lunch..

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