US, Lana Zak ABC And President Trump discussed on Mike McConnell


Breaking now, the busiest land port of entry in North America is open again the day after it was shut down for hours US customs and border protection using tear-gas yesterday after a group of migrants storm the border fence from Central America pushed past Mexican authorities US customs and border agents responded with tear-gas temporarily closing crossings to all people on both sides of the border overnight. President Trump criticized media coverage of his immigration policies defending his administration's policy of separating children from their parents tweeting, quote, I tried to keep them together. But the problem is when you do that vast numbers of additional people storm the border. Lana Zak ABC news, Washington. Mexican government says it plans to deport the group almost five hundred migrants who they say violently and illegally stormed the US Mexico border fence, many other migrants sold ABC news. They just came to wait in Tijuana for an opportunity. Those five hundred with the exception. Many wanted

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