Michael Cohen claims Trump made repeated racist references


To vote for me. Michael Cohen also recounted don't Trump saying racist things about black contestants on his TV show. Donald trump. The politician is the champion of American racists, America's most famous public racists. And putting David Duke have always been full-fledged. Trump supporters David Duke knows a racist when he sees one. And so the democratic campaigns around the country this year against Trump is also campaigns against racism. Here's what President Obama had to say in Georgia tonight campaigning for Stacey Abrams to become not just the first African American woman governor in the Georgia, but the first African moon woman, governor of any state in the United States. Mccalls in weeks of this election. We have seen repeated. Constant incessant. Now. On stuck attempts to divide us. That is designed to make us angry. And make us fearful. With images and rhetoric that are designed to exploit. History of racial and ethnic and religious division. To try to pit us against one. Another. To make us believe that things will be better. If it just weren't for those who don't look like us, the good news. In four days. Georgia can reject. We can come together. Our country's cool. That's what Stacee stands for. You're just back from Georgia and joy on the day that we discover to no one surprise that. Donald Trump says racist things in private Michael Cohen. There's Barack Obama out there on the campaign trail trying to address this trying to heal in whatever way he can the racial division. That's out there. Again, it is it is this to there. They are presidents of two different countries. And you saw it really today when John Lewis spoken in Macon, Georgia four Stacey Abrams and talking about what he went through just to have the right to vote. Look Stacey Abrams. Lawrence tells a story about when she was valedictorian of her high school class going to the governor's mansion and being turned away by the guard who was white who said you don't belong here. And that was her sort of only memory really going to the governor's mansion was having her parents were both Methodist ministers have to dress down this white guard who was refusing to let a young Stacey Abrams into the governor's mansion. So I mean sort of the. Poetic irony that, she's now running to be the governor of the state is sort of sort of perfect, and she's actually really from Mississippi which has its own fraught history. I think we tend to try to confine that history of racism to the berry distant past. It isn't distant at all. And I think what we're seeing is an election, which Donald Trump is literally closing making the closing argument to white America. And it is a test for white America. He's saying Brent, racial panic. Those people are coming to take over your country. Those people are invading Brown. People are invading Brown. People don't belong here. This is our country, and you d to vote for Republicans to keep them out and Brock Obama, saying, no, no, no this is shared country. This is a country where we all can have a piece of it where we all share in its benefits, but we all have to take responsibility for its history. Together. These are such stark differ starkly different visions.

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