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Readjust my pillow. If that's not sacrifice. I don't know. What is you know, what I'm glad you know? I'm almost feel bad that we covered it again. Because I'm glad that it fell by the wayside for about three days. And I feel like a bad talk show host for bringing it back up after society at collectively already said, you're a big idiot. Yeah. No, it is not time to expand the definition of veteran. It's just fine. As it is. Six five one nine eight nine five eight to five five let's go here. Real quick. A little bit of local news rearview talking with Jim Neuberger here in in a few minutes, but out of the pioneer press. This is rather interesting. There were there were two dueling editorials this in these op EDS were focusing on the fight for fifteen you had one desert king. Why I support fifteen dollars for all including tipped workers. Right. But then the other one you had it was Jennifer Schlemmer Lindbergh note, tip credit, consider these unintended consequences, fellow liberals. They're they're both. They're both pretty fascinating pieces. The Jennifer one pushing back on the on the tip credit. There's a bit of an admission here, obviously that Saint Paul is going to be getting the fifteen dollars an hour. Minimum wage, regardless of any can do at this point the battle. Now is over the tip credit, which I also don't think it's going to go through. But Jennifer writes, the tip credit issue has been highly politicized as they Republican position furthering, the divide in this country that is being bolstered by party politics. The vast majority of restaurant workers are Liberal Democrats who don't see the tip credit as a partisan issue. But rather as a math problem, and quite frankly, a common sense certainty. What we're asking fellow Democrats out there to do is look at the policy. We are supporting and try to understand the unintended consequences of a fifteen dollars minimum wage in our community without the tip credit. Look, I get it. That's great. I'm glad that she's pointing that out. But let's be real here. I guarantee if you go and ask those Liberal Democrats who want the tip credit? Do you? Do you not want the fifteen dollars an hour? Minimum wage, I'm going to venture a guess that most of them are gonna go ov-. I have a choice of not having to fifteen dollars an hour. Minimum wage, then by all means don't do the fifteen dollars our minimum wage, right? Yeah. Because they know I mean, these people that have been working in the restaurant industry for a long time. They understand the impact that this is going to have one of the interesting things coming out of the the counterpoint the one from Jennifer Schellenberg where she's arguing against her. She's she's at least trying to establish what some of the unintended consequences will be if they pass it. The restaurant opportunity center is a group that's been fighting the tip credit, and she lays out this Schellenberg lease out. Some a lot of the misleading information that they are pushing out there. In their support of of of abolishing the tip credit saying things like there's a lot of sexual harassment. I'm not going to go into detail because it's kind of it's kinda graphic. But basically that the kitchen staffs are sexually harassing servers in order to before they give them their meals because they know that this that their wages. Depend on getting good tips. This blatant lies. I mean, these things are happening. You've got you've got a ton of data from the EEOC over the last twenty years, I've been collected. There's hardly any reports. Anybody that's worked in full service restaurant industry for a long time knows that this is a bunch of bunk. But you've got these groups out there that are putting it out there and trying to sort of exploit the metoo movement in order to in order to to to get a minimum wage pass that doesn't have a tip credit. Well, and it's interesting to the desert king. Why they why why I support the fifteen dollar for all including tip workers, the example. So it's to the point where it's cliche. Right Deserie writes, this I've worked for over thirty years as a server and a full service restaurant in downtown Saint Paul in the thirty years I have worked for the same company. The only raises I've ever received were win the minimum wages has been increased because I was able to count on a steady base wage and my tips I was able to raise three children as a single parent move forward. One step at a time. It was not always easy with lots of opinions in the news at the Saint Paul moves towards the minimum wage in the city. I wanted to say that there's a longtime worker in a full service restaurant. I firmly support a fifteen dollars minimum wage with no exceptions for no tip penalty. It's interesting about this though, when she lays out the description here it gets completely overlooked in. Shouldn't look you thirty years working for the same company, and you didn't you only got these moderate raises, right? You chose to do that. I don't get raises. You chose that profession. Right. Single parent with with three children. That all happened because of decisions you made right? It's not the government's fault that that's the situation that you're in if you're complaining that that's a negative jurisdictional parent with three kids that's on you. Right. That's not on the government to come and go and rescue anybody back up from this and getting back. You made a comment about the metoo movement moment the moment ago, drew, you know, it's funny to me because normally you'd have kids, you know, they escape college right or they go get their first job. And maybe they're being raised in a liberal household, and they get their first check my son's experiencing this. Oh, my goodness gracious. What is what is this? But all these entities taking on my money. Right. And so they end up learning a little bit about economics. And and why it's good to be a conservative is theft. Yeah. Exactly. Right. I find it funny that in the wake of Trump's election, and the moral panic that we keep talking about right? It's now, suddenly exposing people that are normally stuck in this bubble. It's exposing people to the real world realities of liberal policies, and how damaging they are. This is an example of that, you know, you can only elect activists for so long into leadership positions before they're gonna start doing those things that they said they were going to do. And then you're suddenly going to realize the party you belong to is actually detrimental to your Bank account and and otherwise working against yourself interest. Yeah. Because they don't care about you. Nope. Nope. All you are is a source of revenue. That's all you are to them. You can use pound to fifty TNT or say twin cities news talk to reach out to a six five one nine eight. Eight nine five eight five five is the phone number. Use the hashtag TNT on Twitter CNBC has a story conservative money groups pressure. Red state Senate Democrats to support Brett cavenaugh midterms are coming up Mamie Clovis are was making a lot of headlines and then drifted away in the midst of all the damage being done to brick Cavanaugh. We're gonna talk to her challenger Jim Neuberger next.

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