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He was telling me before we did our interview that he was in the midst of trying to cancel a bunch of a hotel reservation so for him he'd had to make reservations all over the place not knowing which wildcard teams going to advance. And so he was in the midst of trying to cancel his Chicago, hotel reservations and plane reservations, and now to to make sure that he solidified at least in the National League, the ones the hotel rooms that he would need. So that was a part of that. I'd even think of but that's pretty much. What a lot of baseball media are doing these two days. But we talk not only about what we saw in Chicago on Tuesday night. But also about the division series coming up, and I think my favorite question that I ask. Asked him was of the American League teams that we know of. All right. So we don't know as or Yankees but Red Sox Astros Indians. Which pitching staff has the edge. We're talking about three pretty dynamic pitching staffs. So of those three which one. Has the edge which one is the best which one would you take right now? If you needed the pitching staff, it's such an odd question. But you know, what I mean? So if you want to answer that question to you again, you've got Twitter you've got Facebook. You've got our phone number. But let's dive into not all thirteen innings. I won't do the play by play for you because it would take forever. But there were so many moments that you felt like the game was hanging in the balance. For instance, a couple of times bases loaded in either Kyle Freeland or John Lester would come up with the big strikeout. Those two guys were awesome. And they went deeper than what we'll see for many starters in the baseball postseason. So Friedland was out there into the seventh. He allowed no runs on four hits struck out six Lester, very similar the only difference was less dread nine ks and then did allow a run on a sacrifice fly in the very first inning. And that's where we were all the way through until we get to the eighth. It felt like the Rockies cat wriggling off the hook. And the cubs were about to explode and score runs. And then the Rockies would escape another jam or as one friend of mine put it on Twitter, the Rockies were trying to gift wrap this game to the Chicago Cubs in the cubs are like, no, you take it that we don't want. It. You take it. Anyway. So we get into the eighth inning. And this is a decision that may be affected the rest of the game. But it was one that had to be made by Joe Madden. And this is the beauty of postseason baseball, especially the wildcard affair. Where you cannot plan for the future. Because if you don't win this game there is no future. And I love that dichotomy that stress who I can feel it. I can feel it with my skyrocketing heart rate, I can feel it with the tension in my stomach. This kind of start to the postseason that I appreciate I know a lot of people get really upset about the wild card format. They hate it. We'd gyco earlier and say it's not fair. And okay, I understand why you'd rather have a three-game series. But to me, this is it's amazing. It's entertaining. It's compelling. It makes me sick to my stomach at times. But I couldn't miss a pitch. And that's exactly what major league baseball wants. So here's the deal eighth inning. You've got the Rockies up one to nothing and Anthony result. One of their best hitters comes up to outs gets hit. Great. So then Terrence gore speedster think Kareem hunt. Maybe I don't even know who the fastest in the NFL. But we're talking about little guy with a lot of speed. That's why he's on the cubs postseason roster. So he goes in and he's substance pinch writer for Anthony Rizzo. Remember this is the eighth inning. And then he promptly steals. Second base. Exactly what he was supposed to do. You knew that was coming. And so hobby bias who's had an MVP like season certainly a breakout year for him is the next guy at the plate for the cubs. Swinging. The time Ron. The throne. Places. Adam. He had a he had a bit of drama of his own to deal with out there. He was so jacked up that he kept throwing like overthrowing balls and the first one. So the first one he threw it was the first battery face at least the ball goes carrying all the way back to the to the backstop, and you know, guys are advancing on wild, pitches and everything. They call it a pass ball to me. It was a wild pitch. It was on the pitcher. But whatever so it there's all kinds of craziness, and you can hear the incredible atmosphere. They're Wrigley field on the cubs radio network. They talk about how the stadium was shaking. Well, yeah, you could even see that on TV because the camera was shaking and by is out there going nuts. And it was such an awesome moment and Taryn score. He gets to score that run. Except then Anthony result was out of the game. And that's one of those decisions that a manager has to make famous pulling John Lester, he's only eighty four pitches in but his at bat was coming up in the seventh. And so Joe Madden chose to sub mad at that point. Well, the game then stretches into the thirteenth, and now you you get to the point where you've got only one position player laughing. It's the Rockies the cubs. Have nobody laughed and what do you do you? You can't put these guys back in the game. So you're kind of dancing with the ones that you got laughed, and I it was a moment for Tarrant score in the eighth inning. He also came up in the thirteenth, and he nearly got on base with the hit by pitch. But then he swung in flailed. Wildly at a ball that was out of the zone that would have been ball four. And so in that situation, he ends up striking out all of the cubs. That's got Oberg faced struck out. So he wasn't alone. But that's the the moment where you. Think oh man what if this was Anthony Rizzo, maybe things would have gone so differently? Now on the rocky side. They did go differently. Tony walters. A defensive sub in the twelfth inning. He's the Rockies backup catcher and he comes in with over. And so he's out there at the end of the twelfth. And then lo and behold here comes his at bat in the thirteenth after Trevor story gets into scoring position. So Kyle Hendricks is on the mound. Third starter for the Chicago Cubs. And here's Tony Walters. We looked him up on Twitter. Now, people know who he is. And that's understandable. I didn't know he who he was until last night. But here we are just one game into the baseball postseason. And it's already the stuff that dreams are made of a bitch.

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