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Morales is reality playing reality universe. They something happens with a supercollider. They causes a rift between all the universes and all these other Spiderman come into malls Morales universe. And they have to do something to fix this before destroys all the realities. Don't know what it is. But it looks good. It's spite America, I'm going to watch it anyway, has Gobber Nsur watching as goblin all four being that is that one like that. Because I know in the previews the goblin giant Ormond. He's bulky and yet, I don't know if that's just there in dishes or what? But there's been about thousand renditions of goblin. Everybody's been the goblin at some point. It's going to be awesome. I think there's only two trailers out for this right now or one I seen. The only one I mean, they showed it we saw we we saw it in that. When we watch the venom, and it was also at the end of something right is also in credit the. Yeah. I think it was the actual in credit prevent not the mid credit role was which was pretty cool. Yeah. That made credit role. I thought was better than the whole the whole movie of mid credits. He was better. I'm jaded. I don't. You don't want to talk to me about venom. Yeah. If you missed our review chicken on page, we we went draft house and did a little review. It's a lot to talk about it. Neither billing venom about it was the title that was not been them on that screen but anyway into spider. Yes. December fourteenth this year coming out. Good little Chris. We have budgets coming out. Yeah. It's gonna be a very hectic Christmas schedule. All those Spiderman thrown together. One one universe said. Awesome artwork. Looks like a page. I then emission loan. Like, I said it. It's one of the reason I wanna go see it. But the top, of course, being spider-man's beating Herman's. Pretty good story to now. Like in the trailer. When you watch when the dad drops him off at school and embarrasses him because he didn't say dead. That's kind of cool. Yeah. So that's typical marble humor. I like it. I two so who's your favorite spider man, or if you have a favorite tonight amend calmed down below lettuce, and what's up is your favorites? Going to go with good old. Peter parker. I'm gonna go with original. And I honestly I really liked the story behind miles. Morales was really cool to just especially having that other. If Mississippi being able to be spied men was so cool to me, I think and just the way that they brought it on kind of tied it in especially with having his uncle bean prowlers that was so cool. Yeah. Yeah. What about yourself? Do you have a favorite superior? I love superior Spiderman. Who's your favorite? And that. It's no comments now below don't bring it to like subscribe to this video into our to Zia comics Tucker to me YouTube age, you can find this as a post on Facebook. You can also come down talk to Troy Zia comics that new location to Las Cruces, one twenty five north main places. Awesome, man, I'm gonna be in trouble 'cause I'm gonna spend so much money here. So hopefully, not for me, you won't be in trouble. Okay. Cool. Sounds good. Anything else that I think you gotta posts YouTube and Facebook or the big ones, so and then they Michelle promotion. Like, my page river productions hold of us if you want video or podcast meat for your YouTube page Facebook page. All right. Well, it was ours. You get it is hopefully. What that Troy thanks for having me on this this the bay Joe, hopefully, we'll get this. Sorry. This episode vogue. Eject Beck sued. Yeah. He's busy addition for another movie. If a if you get a Jack, Jack, if you're not here next week, I'm wearing a tank top in honor or the shirtless stone. Pretty sure that on rejection choice. Good night sleep day. Nudie we will gain that you get. Is it?

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