'Creed II': Michael B. Jordan risks it all for Creed-Drago Round 2 in new trailer


Were just watching Brian. The creed will not the trailer, but they have this sort of side by side because it's a, it's it's creed, son, yes. Donna's Adana fighting play by Michael Jordan Geragos leave. His name is Victor Drago played by Michael Jordan right that that would be a hell of an acting feet. The plot is I understand it from the creed to trailer, which I think was released today is that a donnas creed, the son of a Pollock creed will be fighting and trained by naturally rocky Balboa fighting Victor Drago the son of the site under on Drago who killed in what was supposed to be exhibition match. Just an exhibition, right? Apollo because rocky did not tell. Well. Did you turns out and you're right, Andy, the trailer did just come out today. So when have in right. I. They have is top and bottom sort of side by side comparison of rocky in a moment, staring down Drago in the new movie and rocky staring down Drago in the old movie and rocky four, which was eighty six. I think it's eighty six and and I was just remarking how dolph Lundgren kind of looks pretty good and looks like he's had less worked on than than rocky who. And if you look at the clip from rocky four still on it already started getting work done. I face the face. Rocky four is not the face that he hasn't raw just standard of looking like you've had less work than Stallone like that's not a high Bartik visible. Basically in less your Mickey Rourke, you're gonna pass. I'm just saying, doll flyer looks pretty

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