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From Minnesota. There was a chance that. Vikings might get the football back down eight but a stupid personal foul penalty on Harrison Smith only would have been second down. But I mean, he's he took a shot at Trubisky late. So you'll get a chance to see the bears on Thursday thanksgiving but Arne getting back to that. Cowboys win today over the falcons and now especially with the Redskins are a quarterback without. Oh my goodness. What a horrible horrible injury. That is. I mean the divisions there for the Cowboys for the taking. Yeah. Don't look now. But Dallas when we're talking about the NFC east is a game behind Washington there at five and five Washington is at six four listen, we'll we'll get to the eagles in the falcons. I know the falcons are in the east, but we'll get them coming up in just a bit. Hey loan. Behold. Arnie maybe the team that looked the best today in the NFC east. Your New York Giants any Eli manning three and seven only three games out of first place right now, but got saquon the boss oil, and that looked a little better about to welcome back them to the division. Title race. Don't take away from it. I will take it away from you yet. I'll let you I'll let you have it for a little bit. I mean, I still believe the raiders can finish eight now. So. Give me give me another week at least with the giants. So foreign six three and seven for the third and fourth place teams. But here's Dallas. Now just a game out in the fife and five and they get Washington on Thursday on a short week with the new quarterback. Washington's gotta go out and find a backup quarterback as well to beyond Colt McCoy. So I dunno Arnie. I almost feel like that. This is a team that for many weeks. We've tried to bury we've listened to the frustration from Bobo our technical director is a diehard Cowboys fan. So he's been frustrated. But now all the sudden with the Lincoln Riley rumors and the Jason Garrett gone the trade from white Cooper's working out now. And they're giving the ball to Ezekiel Elliott. And here we are spending. Most of our first seven minutes talking about Dallas and a resurgence. I got him. I'm as much as you say you call this. And I'm not disagreeing with you. I'm shocked by this over the last couple of weeks that we started with that is because if we started with this takeover. For the show, but I'm going to say it. Anyway, someone's looking for a quarterback what better place for a quarterback in the nation's capital? Then Colin Kaepernick, I mean, what a what a fit that would be all going the Washington playing in Washington. Can you imagine? I mean, a name need one pretty bad. All right. I got a double check who had tweeted that in. I someone was looking at the under over under eight minutes into the show. You would. How about that? I think that was I think that was the over under. I'll have to double check. Oh, yeah. Mike how many minutes into the show this Arnie talk about capper Nick going to Washington? Even though the last time he played Arne was dating supermodels beating Kerr one on one with a nice flowing ponytail. I say two minutes. So actually we hit the over there. I'm sorry. How could you not know? How is that? Not a perfect fit for everybody around for a team that needs an emergency quarterback. But see that could work against them. If they need emergency quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, I dunno. It may take him a while to to get up to speed. So they may have to go with somebody who's you know, a little bit more ready to play. And it's so crazy because you hear these same names rotated over and over Mark Sanchez already was the name that was brought up today. Someone that they might bring in for a workout. How about wait? What's Nathan Peterman? All right. Brought him to Indianapolis or someplace like I don't remember what they brought him into. Oh, man. So tough news today for the Redskins. Not only did they lose the game. But they lost their quarterback in a gruesome injury and shades of the Joe thighs men injury whenever we were kids. It was just good task. We'll get to that coming up in just a bit. But let's stick real quick with this cowboy falcons game from another perspective. What are the hell has happened to Atlanta? I mean, I understand injuries play a major part, right? I get it. You have what's he's had a couple of changes in the coaching staff not a lot. But this is just I mean, this was an offense that was deemed next level. It was it was cruising. And now. Thank you. Thank you. I didn't have to say it Bobo had it. But it was it was really bad really bad army. I don't know where it's going. I mean, look it's one thing to take a little bit of a dip. But what they're going through. It's just you know, it's head scratching their even with injuries. They still have a pretty good offense out there. They shouldn't be having a four six record. This is ridiculous. You shouldn't be losing to the Cowboys at home. You're much better team. Where's that offense? What's going on with Matt Ryan? I know you don't wanna point, you know, all the blame at your quarterback. But under three hundred yards. You know, you've got Julio Jones there, you still got him to go ahead and throw the ball to you got some new you've got weapons around you. What's going on out there? I got to start pointing the finger would Matt Ryan. And I thought a couple of weeks ago in part of this might have been because I opened my big dumb mouth Atlanta to go to the Super Bowl. I thought they'd won three straight. Why? Didn't think they had they had they had won three straight games after a really ugly loss to Pittsburgh. They beat the buccaneers. They slid by the giants and then they put a pretty good weapon on the Washington Redskins. But then they go to Cleveland, and they get beat last week. They lose the Cowboys today and Arnie their next three games are at New Orleans home for the suddenly I'll know I don't wanna get carried away on the Mark Jackson. We'll talk about that later. Suddenly resurgent ravens. And then they go to Green Bay those are three even on Green Bay's not playing its best football right now. But already they could be four and nine for sure gonna be foreign seven when they play the saints next week with the way that things, but what the hell is going on in Atlanta right now, it's a tough question to try to answer. And I wanna to say something also go up surprised that you did start with the Cowboys in Atlanta considering the biggest win today put somebody into the Super Bowl. And I thought that's where you were going to start you you really bury delete. I hate the skull. You on the air back and say you buried the lead because the Pittsburgh Steelers with their win today. Just put them in the Super Bowl. Meaning they'll beat the patriots at home, which means they'll get the number one seed, which means this year Velgo to the Super Bowl buried elite. Well, you know, it is kind of shaping up a little bit for maybe a Pittsburgh New Orleans slash Lossiemouth battle in the Super Bowl. I think we'll learn a lot tomorrow night. This is crazy because here we are Sunday night and a majority of the time the Monday night football game. Here's a conversation. We have as we're heading out the door in our final segment. Sunday, Monday night, football's usually, hey, don't forget tomorrow night. We'll see next week. But now with the Rams and the chiefs. I mean, I I don't know Arnie I- Kansas City quite a bit. But you're right. I mean, I know knock on Kansas City because I know as soon as I say anything about Kansas City. They start dogging on the raiders. Yes. The raiders stink. You're really good this year. How does that make you feel better? But you you can't help. And I know it's all difference because it Mahomes, did, you know, Patrick Mahomes likes catch up to not hear that at all on social media. Yes. I'm actually with you on this one. I now Arne because I love what Kansas City is doing. I'm enjoying watching them play. But you know, what they have sold a short in the playoffs before they have disappointed when we thought they were the team to beat. We have heard. Hey, things are different this year. You just wait till we get to the playoffs. Guess who's consistently been there and consistently got done the Rodney burger?

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