Why a low-carb diet can help you lose weight and keep it off


Listen, I love my cows on my farm. I don't know that I'd mixed PM their feces together better. But listen says may see aren't you? Glad we have enough DA. No. Wow. That's not true. I would like it. If the FDA were a little bit less precocious than it is how about that. The is a place. I'm just teasing. I know you are. But I can take a good joke. Sometimes. Will define the time. Dr Ken Cronos Stephan here. Now, let me help you were talking about wait the season of the year that were in weight loss, making sure you have enough energy and one of the other benefits that goes with Calatrava in the number one healthy choice for weight loss is the way you are supporting your joints. Because the main ingredient in Calla train is collagen and collagen is a protein that is made a couple of different digestive. Enzymes they help you absorb what's going on here. Callard Trinh absorbing the collagen into your body. It's the number one source of protein the protein helps you make more musty go to the gym with Dr Ken and develop the lean muscle. And and doing so you're exercising burning up the fat. And that's how you lose the weight pretty easy. Pretty simple. And what I like about. It is it's in maintaining your. Your weight loss weight control. There are absolutely no adverse effects because it's all natural. It stimulates your body to produce more collagen when you take Calabrian, and that's the building block. That's it.

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