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Hey, listen. Not with me. Happy. New con- with big is Troy from talk nerdy to me with your daily Noubir giving you all the news that's fit to know. We're going to start with statues. Sideshow prime. One studios has new logo deluxe statue out sting is a monster is thirty nine inches tall. He has couple interchangeable handing down his laser rifle a shotgun orange us, behold a cigar. The other hand, of course has his icon of chain in hook. This statue also has dog between his legs down here at the bottom. And if you know logo, you know he loves his space dolphins and those are on the side there. Movable it is a huge statute limit. Seven hundred fifty pieces made the price is going to be up there. It's a one thousand eight hundred ninety nine. You can pre-order it right now is coming out the end of twenty nineteen beginning of twenty twenty and. They have a payment plan so you don't have to pay it all at once. You can make payments. Okay. If you're near a local comic shop that has is going to be participating local comic shop day, which is going to be November seventeenth. They have released to the special comics are coming out. Local comic shop day usually has exclusive comics for those participating stores. One of those is alien cz three, William Gibson's alien, three, unproductive screenplay. That in the I'm looking at it, the cover looks pretty good. It is going to be a part of one of the alien things that were not produced good story. The another book that was leased was image. Comics is going to be putting out a hardcover collection of the first six issues of Gideon falls by Jeff Lemaire. Getting falls pretty popular comic special. You can pick it up exclusive collection in hardcover. That's hard to pass up. So comic shop day go to your local comic store in CBO picking up November seventeenth, which is a Saturday, no skew should work. Video game players the WWE to k nineteen. His revealed some of their roster if you like the old eighties, nineties throwback, wrestlers you're going to be very happy, the WWF WCW era. They're bringing in. Tons of the old care designing rowdy. Roddy piper. Jake, the snake Roberts Ted DB Ozzy the million dollar man ultimate warrior ravishing Rick rude, Mr.. Perfect. DP Bret Hart leader and Ricky steamboat dragon, just the name of few. They are saying they still have a few more to announce for this than game will become an out Tober fifth. So if you're a wrestling video game fan, you don't wanna pick up w w e two k nineteen on October. Fifth. Stephen King fans, you're good. You're getting a lot of Stephen King lately. Well, they're doing some more. They're going to remake pet cemetery. If you're familiar repet- cemetery, that's the the show where the guys kid this year be spoilers books out forever and so's the first movie guys kid is he buries him in the. Indian burial ground which is supposed to bring them back to life and it does, but it brings them back different something wrong with them. So just looking at how they upgraded it from the first interruption of the movie that came out to the one just killed it. The box office is past year. I'm thinking pet cemetery will be the same thing. It's they're saying if he loved the book ago, the movie. So I'm thinking it's going to stay pretty true to the story. It was a very, very freaky. Scary book. I can't wait to see how they're going to make this modernize pet cemetery, but we'll have to wait till April fifth of twenty nineteen to see this movie. Okay. Gnocchi been reading affinity wars. You've seen that they have a kind of. A weird offshoot from that cone, Infinity warps were Gamarra's. She's gotten them vanity stones, and she's kind of folded the universe in on itself. And a lot of the characters have been combined merged as you had cabinet. American doctor strange were merged form soldier supreme thorn. Ironman merged, have iron hammer, and they revealed a new one. Just the other day wolverine was merged with Emma frost. His appearance didn't really change much still has the wolverine look except the. He's got the blonde hair a got the Pat. He's wearing a passionate like he did when he was when he was patched. I patch. The big differences you tell him his speech patterns is much got much more manners speaks more eloquently, but those still moving in, he gets his rage every once in a while. So if you like the idea of them merging two characters for a new one. There. He go Infinity warps with a p. they're doing and they've got other ones too, like they have ghost panther weapon Hex. Wolverine is not the only one to get merged bunch of our if that's your thing than you want to pick up infinitive warps. Okay, Batman. If you've been reading Justice league, you saw Batman is just been decimated. I mean, lex Luther. When he had the totality doorknob, he crushed Batman, broke all his arms legs. This left him in a bad way. And you saw the last Justice league issue. He had a a full body, armor suit that allowed him to keep moving around even though pretty much most the bones as body were were broken. He's gone one step further. Now he has his own little hover wheelchair. So he looks a lot like professor x with a big bat symbol on his chest. Sure. He's still pretty deadly. Even with that full body armor, he wolf to bunch of of legion of doom. He was pretty instrumental and then justly getting the totality away from lex Luther on. Now, he's taking easy. He's he's sitting instead of standing. But this, this hover chairs pretty armored up. I'm sure he's got it full of all kinds of weapons. So certainly Justice league. You're gonna see a bad just won't stop fighting and they're getting the totality transfer out how to get it to fix the source law. 'cause it's supposedly a battery used for creating universes. So they to figure out how to use it to fix our multi-diverse. Justice league Scott Snyder for you going with this. Don't worry that one to you. Okay. Harvey awards, their New York Comecon. They're going to have the presentation of twenty eighteen hall of fame in duck dis. It looks like there's only two of now, Dave Gibbons, if you tell me that's because he was the artist on the watchman. Alan Moore was the guy with the story. Dave Gibbons brought it to life on the page. He's at other stuff, but that's what is most known for. You know, he doesn't work on green lantern give me liberty and Kingsman, but he's getting a Harvey award at near Comecon during the thirtieth an award ceremony, October fifth. That's going to be end all bras chest. Yeah. Ross Chaz is going to get an award also. She'll be inducted. She did a lot of work for the New Yorker. She's also received the Reuben award, which is a pretty high award. So we've got those two pretty prominent people being inducted into the Harvey awards hall of fame, they both deserve it. Congratulations. The Oscars. There's

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Shane Black The Predator discussion

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