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In addition to that. Over on MSNBC, she'll call deadline. Former Justice department spokesman men Matt Miller who was he a spokesman for I'll tell you. The spokesman spokesman for holder. And Matt Miller. Former Justice department spokesman PR guy. For Eric Holder. So that people should take to the streets over Trump removing Jeff Sessions. And appointing Matthew Whitaker is acting attorney general. So this guy Matt Miller was holder spokesman when holder was the AG. That gives us a window into the mind set of a bunch of people on the left. Matt Miller said the timing of this meeting getting rid of sessions is so suspect because we're so close to the end of the mother investigation Whitaker coming in right now might be the critical time to stop the key steps that need to happen indictments or referral the congress and taking place. I really do think this is a national emergency said, I don't think we can overstate the gravity of this. And it's incumbent upon everybody in public life to respond to this like, it's an emergency. The attorney general's being fired being asked to leave. It is. Perfectly constitutional and yet the left is running around talking about a constitutional crisis. They still believe that Robert Mueller has evidence that Trump colluded with Russia, and they think that Trump is getting rid of sessions. So that Trump can put somebody in there is going to shut this down. So that the truth about Trump, stealing the election doesn't come out? That is what they believe. Mr Miller said this isn't like all the other Trump attempts to interfere with the investigation. He's reached over. And he's found a one person among dozens of political appointees at the Justice department who has a preordained hostility publicly stated hostility the investigation. That'd be Whitaker. Who is the interim attorney, and it's simply a lie and the and the media is going to repeat that until they think it'll convince the public that they're true. Whitaker has repeatedly stood up for Muller's integrity. But they're out there saying this guy he did question the scope of the investigation and the way it was put together because there's no crime. The Muller investigation is bogus on a whole lot of levels. But they don't wanna should because they really do. They think they think Muller's on the verge of finally getting rid of Trump. They think Muller really dignified. He could have done this before the midterms, and he could have really nailed a Republican. But Muller is a dignified crew blue great American. He did not want to impact the outcome of verbal walk in. But he's got to do think that Muller has got what they haven't been able to find. And they think Trump's gonna shut it down the Trump getting rid of sessions. Means that it's only a matter of time before Muller is fired or shutdown. John brennan. See I director for Obama warns that there is a constitutional crisis coming very very soon because of this. He also was on MSNBC said the firing of sessions shows the US may be facing a constitutional crisis. Very soon. You know, what the constitutional crisis has been? The constitutional crisis has been the ongoing approaching now two year effort. The highest levels of the department of Justice in the FBI to meddle in the two thousand sixteen election, not the Russians, but James, call me and Peter Struck stroke and Andrew McCabe. And all the rest of those people. Lisa page, all of the spies. They embedded in the Trump campaign Hillary Clinton paying for the dossier that was then treated as legitimate Intel. When it wasn't to go get a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign. That's meddling in the two thousand sixteen election. That's trying to keep Trump from winning it. That's trying to make sure that Hillary won the damn thing. And then after Trump won the operation continued in an effort to overthrow Trump getting thrown out of office because they refuse to accept the result of the election. That's the meddling. That's going on. The constitutional crisis has been this ongoing silent coup that is still underway for two years to destroy the candidacy, and then the transition and then the presidency of Donald Trump. That's where the constitution has been threatened. That's where the constitution has been in crisis. Firing. The attorney general is a constitutional crisis. Me tell you something Donald Trump would be stupid not to get a wartime. Team to be able to help him up because they have made no bones. What they have planned. Have you heard? What was have you? Have you heard that? There was somebody on the train with Jerry Nadler. He runs the one of the committees in the house, they run together in my mind. But he's got maybe judiciary. It's what's his face. Adam Schiff, pencil neck has the intelligence committee. Replaces Devon newness is chairman, but Nadler was on the phone on the train. He was overheard. They're gonna they're going to investigate cavenaugh all over again. They're going to go on find even more women. They're going to investigate impeach Trump. They're gonna just never the next two years or nothing, but never ending investigations. And Jerry Nadler, head of a committee was overheard talking about the Trump would be silly not to get prepared for this judiciary judiciary judiciary committee, Jerry Nadler from New York. I mean, they're telegraphing what they're gonna do. And you got Maxine Waters out there. Wherever the hell. She is promising much the same. I have to take a break, and we're gonna come back and hit the phones. Rush Limbaugh, the network back before you know, it always at work and the never closes fifteen hours a week here. What is there not said it turns out a lot? 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