Anticipating Disaster

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Expert ability painting disaster. Overthinking of situations. Made minds -iety ten times worse than had to be either. A time. Future would turn out to be. Only for the actual events to be ten times. Worse than expected be. Predict positive events in which will thinking for again, disastrous circuses to happen or see. Predict logical events only for the complete unexpected to shatter my predictions. Neither situation predicted. How things would go. What I thought would happen to burn down to the ground. For a long time. I thought why have positive thinking when the worst will happen? Anyway, I became bitter resentful because all the predictions I had thought it will work out to my vantage failed. That's where Tippin on the wrong things they miserable and unhappy. Views of success and happiness, and validation are limited. Always had the wrong mindset of thinking of a scenario that would make me happy. Of course, most times, we don't know what makes us happy or scenario of utter disaster. Of course, most times on Magadan doesn't happen. What is there to tippy? What's more important, happiness or peace? Many can be peaceful and happy we can't use societies measurement of both validation. Success and happiness comes from within. Not bar to partition comparing ourselves to others. Predictions assault the finish line as a way to clean victory over situation pride about it. Or also, the impending rejection as a way developed mind securities to the Vela deeper, resentment and anger. I was feeling at time. Now this interpretation. There was no peace. Don't write a script in your head be mindful, and peaceful dove lice difficult situations predicting will only make things worse. Thank you for listening. Visit the website at James or defined off each episodes and the contact the show. Thank you again into tomorrow for other daily message upriver to adversity.

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