Auburn Bouncing Back


So Auburn bounces back given up for dead. They won a couple of games. Now that gives them a little momentum heading to Georgia Saturday. I didn't see that one coming. You know, they were down ten in that in that ballgame. And I really thought I was going to be over. So it was good to see them find something. It was good to see I think that leadership Jarrett's did him that football team kind of learned something about themselves down in that football game. Now, here's a little say, you can't run the football. So win this football team. Decides to put the ego aside and say, you know, what this is who we are. And until Gus malzahn says you know, what we can't run the football. Let's do what we do best. They're still gonna walk in there to Georgia. And they're going to try to be something. They're not they're gonna try to run the football. When they can't if they do that. They're not gonna come close. If they see you know, what we can do some things wish works. We can do some misdirection the back, but we can steal some is allow Jarrett stidham to throw the football go four and five lied that. That's what gives us the best chance to win. If they do that. They're talented enough on the defensive side that they could keep it close. They can make it a ballgame. But I just don't know if from an ego standpoint that staff can get together and say, okay, we can't run the football. What can we do? I think they're still going to try to beat their head against the wall. Go into Georgia run the football. And again, I just don't think that's going to do it.

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