Michael gone but leaves behind utter devastation in Panhandle


To go in depth now with NBC News Radio is Michael Bauer. Michael the the totality of damage that we're seeing now with hurricane Michael, particularly in the panhandle. But not limited to just the panhandle is breathtaking in its scope. It is breathtaking. It's devastating. It's it's sad to watch. And there's a certain element of this crazy calmness. When you're looking at the footage of Mexico beach, and the devastation therein in and just slab were a home used to be another slab where a home used to be. And then you're seeing off to the side. Just the remnants of those homes pushed up against condo buildings or apartment buildings boats in the middle of road, just the emptiness. And then there's. This blue sky in the waves coming up in a beautiful fashion that that dichotomy is just it's shaking to a lot of people overseeing here, we also know that it's a very limited scope of people who can get into those areas, and that's just one portion of it. We're looking at Mexico beached. It's kind of. Apocalyptic destruction right now, I hap- expecting Rick Grimes and Mishaan from the Walking Dead to come out and start fighting zombies. It look that devastated. And that's just a portion of neighborhoods that people are trying to get through and clean up. At this point. Joe we're still looking at neighborhoods that first responders and emergency crews haven't been able to get to yet. And that's the big story here. There's a huge cleanup. That's underway. That's going to take a long time to get there. And governor Rick Scott, telling everybody, listen right now, no reason for you to try to hurry back to your homes to see how everything is let us get things cleaned up before anybody starts making their way out of any shelter. Honestly, why go back? There's nothing to go back to this point them. Get the bulldozers out there to bulldoze everything guys start with a fresh canvas. And if you're gonna rebuild let's bulldoze everything I and get the canvas ready for something like that. Because it is just an utter mess. It is strange to see just these empty empty cement palace were homes used to be. And then they're still standing home for some reason this home built better get got hit the right way, and then other areas right next to it. Where homes are gone. I mean, literally does look like it's mostly leveled. So why not go in there and level the rest of it? And just start the rebuilding process push everything intake truckloads of garbage out and move forward from

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