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Todd at governor Jerry, Brown speaking this evening about the wildfires ravaging the northern and southern part of his state. This is not the new normal. This is the new abnormally and this new abnormal. We'll continue certainly in the next ten to fifteen to twenty years. President Trump tweeted saying poor forest management is fueling the fires. Governor Brown responded saying these more deadly and destructive fires are caused by severe drought and climate change forest management is one element. It's only what. And we have to take care of the whole range of threats and conditions and actions that are part of our living with fire living with fire threats Twenty-three dead and the campfire imbued county to dead in Ventura County in the south one hundred forty nine thousand evacuated statewide Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer says Florida's GOP Senate candidate governor Rick Scott is making claims of voter fraud. Without presenting any evidence, Scott has a blatant conflict of interest. He's a candidate on the bow. Ballot. And at the same time. He's governing. What's fair to happen? In the recount that is a direct conflict of interest. The league of women voters has called for him to recuse himself. The start of the Florida recount was delayed because of a problem with one of the tabulation machines, which was resolved within two hours. And in the Senate race in Arizona Kirsten cinemas camp released a statement saying with the latest ballot count Kirsten's lead is insurmountable over Martha mcsally Veterans Day events across the country included, the awarding of the national constitution centers. Liberty medal, George W Bush and former First Lady Laura Bush honored with the award for helping vets and their families. We're helping them with healthcare career opportunities and.

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