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Anne Cates. California continues to battle an outbreak of wildfires with the winds comes this concern on the Wolsey fire burning in LA and Ventura County. There's a lot of people didn't have not burn county. Fire chief Daryl Ashby says with the winds embers could be blown back behind the fire lines and within the lines threatening homes and landscape that has up till now been saved or spared. The that we're not concerned about. The devastation is overwhelming home after home from mobile homes to multi million dollar homes doesn't have been level fire knows no economic status or boundaries. These winds are expected to last the next three days. Decreasing the danger in Malibu, I'm Jim Roope. Or at least twenty five people have been killed by the wildfires in the northern part of the state more than one hundred are missing that blaze has charged one hundred nine thousand acres destroyed sixty seven hundred homes and businesses and his twenty-five

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