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For calling in. I'm going to bring back in Kristen salt, Sanderson and care and Karen Finney to get your reactions to the two calls, particularly. Karen? This idea that Democrats are basically Democrats are too nice. Well. Okay. So let me let me narrow the focus here in the midterm elections. And also think about this from your vantage point, Kristen. In this in this midterm election. And certainly in twenty twenty is it vital four Democrats to go at these races fighting. Yes. And I'll in Jonathan you know, that I am a firm believer that you have to do both though I think on the one hand particularly in this cycle, and I was communications director of the DNC and the two thousand six cycle, which was the last time. We we actually had a big victory on the democratic side. And I think you have to have if if you will prosecute a critique about what is happening in the country. That is a RAI or stray from where it should be. So in this instance, as we've seen in the past, you know, it is a culture of corruption the way that the president President Trump tends to use the administration and the levers of government kind of as his own some would say criminal enterprise, I say for you know, it's the party of me. I think is or it's you know, it's about me. Which is something I think Colin Powell said re somewhat recently instead of being in about the country. But then at the same time, you have to be able to have a critique because particularly at this moment, Republicans control, everything, right? So house Senate now the supreme court they have a conservative majority as well as the White House. So at the same time, if you're a democratic if you're a challenger, or if you're an incumbent you've got to have an argument that says, and here's what we would do differently. And I do think that is something that democratic candidates have done a good job of you know, they there we're for the people and what they talk about is. Let's let's do things. Let's get that infrastructure Bill done and create jobs and talk about raising wages, and how do we bring down healthcare costs?.

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