Bill Cosby appeals his sexual assault conviction, claiming multiple trial errors


Of the sentence imposed on September twenty fifth twenty eight. Eighteen his defense team claims that the judge Steven O'Neill should have recused himself from the sentence hearing following the 2017 mistrial at ensuing retrial this spring. So they're looking to get this judge knocked out. They've taken issue with him publicly before because the judge which was sort of unprecedented allowed to pieces of information to be used against Bill. Cosby one of those pieces of information where the five women that testified against him to try to set up a pattern of behavior for Bill. Cosby that's typically not allowed in a criminal case, you have to take it for the incident that's actually being tried. And that's it. And then part two is that Bill. Cosby did he essentially testified against himself? He had participated in in sworn testimony. But it was two thousand and four and in it. He said that he had given women drugs. They use that against Bill. Cosby and so the the legal team for him. They're saying you can't do that. You have the right to remain silent under our system. Of law, and that Bill Bill Cosby, oops, slip shouldn't have been able to testify against himself using that testimony from before. So they're taking issue with the judge. We'll see if it works right now. Zarrella days in jail. Didn't he do part of a different case? It was from like it was from twelve thirteen fourteen years ago before they used it. And it was like a stretch to me, but the lawyers, you know, Manny go around. I know seems should all be allowed. But oftentimes, this kind of stuff isn't next person. In the news is Shawn Miller. Twenty four years of age resident of the city of San Francisco come up with a novel new way to help the city clean up a problem. And is a using the new media. It's the new in

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