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Among the earliest hands that Michael was breaking the law at his car. Lot came just a day after the clown shooting. A sergeant from the West Palm Beach. Police department called sheriff's investigators to tell them that bargain Motors had been under surveillance there were rumors of theft and other illicit activities. The police sergeant said Michael was allegedly involved in prostitution, drugs, loansharking, and dealing stolen property. Suzanne Gould was the office manager at bargain Motors. And she told police Michael had been altering the mileage of cars on his lot and falsifying title records and Russian air of unprofessionalism that went on just everything started heading south. I wanted to not be working very has just got and comfortable like I said I needed to job. And was is that. I saw fangs police were learning that Michael had been overcharging customers on insurance he was also rolling back mileage on rental cars to cover warranties and unused car. So he could charge more and police learn from employees at the law that Michael was running chop shop operation reports said that in one case Michael had one of his guys steal customers. Nineteen Eighty-nine Camaro from near her house after she gave him a down payment. He had charged her quote, extremely high payments to ensure it the customer reported, the car stolen, and Michael later collected the insurance check and deposit into bargain Motors Bank account. In July, two months after the shooting. Police went to bargain Motors to serve a subpoena on one of Michael's employees..

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