Poland defies EU over Supreme Court judge appointments


Wife of a jailed international banker as the first target of a new anti corruption law. Mira had GSA whose husband was convicted of. Wording, millions through Azerbaijan's largest Bank spent more than twenty million dollars. The London department store Harrods over a decade. She's been told to explain the source of her wealth. She denies any wrongdoing. A massive storm bearing down on the coast of Florida in the United States is expected to be the most destructive to hit the area in a century. Jane O'Brien is in Washington as hurricane Michael approached the Gulf Coast of Florida, the national weather service state capital Tallahassee issued a dramatic appeal to residents in its path to comply with the vacuum. Asian orders, but with conditions already deteriorating. Florida's governor Rick Scott said it was already too late for people living on the coast. A storm surge of up to four meters at expected in some areas, which the governor said was not survivable the category. Four hurricane appears to be strengthening making it poised to become the strongest hurricane on record to hit the region. You're listening to the latest world news from the BBC. Police have raided several of Belgium's top football clubs as part of a major investigation into alleged fraud and money laundering linked to play transfers local news reports say a prominent agent has been arrested in connection with the probe. Dozens of premises across the country were targeted involving more than two hundred police officers further raids also took place in France, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Montenegro, Serbia and Macedonia. Flash floods on the Spanish island of Majorca, an ano to killed at least ten people including tourists with a five year old boys. Still unaccounted for in one area enough rain to fill three bathtubs every square meter value. Just a few hours guy. Hedge co reports the town of Santa rents discarded side on the east of the island for the brunt of the flooding water, severely damaged buildings washed away trees and sent cars floating through the town hundreds of people stranded in their homes. Dozens of others were evacuated. Rainfall had been expected last night. But nothing like this downpour which experts say was freakish both in terms of its volume and the way it was so highly localized several hundred Ethiopian soldiers of marched into the prime minister's office in the capital Addis Ababa demanding a salary increase. According to the state broadcaster. They were allowed into the compound and held discussions with prime minister, Abby Ahmed, the situation was reportedly resolved. But no details of the agreement were given while this happened. There was no internet in the city. The United States is accused of his weight and government of involvement in the death of an opposition politician Fernando Albain earlier this week the authorities in Venezuela alleged that Mr. Albain who was fifty six a jumped out of a window of a notorious intelligence services detention center in Caracas he'd been arrested for alleged involvement the explosion of two drones during a military parade led by President Nicolas Madura BBC. News. We're at a moment of all hands on deck emergency for democracy historian, Nancy McLean. She intended to write a story about public education. I ended up on research trail that led me to Charles coke her book democracy in chains follows a trail from Brown versus board of education to Chile to right here in

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