Researchers identify second suspect in nerve agent poisoning as Russian intel officer


Be based off servers that take advantage of ever improving mobile networks. The company hopes to start public tests of the technology sometime next year the Yankees facing elimination game tonight after getting pounded sixteen to one in last. Night's game against the Red Sox. Well, this was the most lopsided loss and Yankees postseason history pathetic still confidence in them. Not too much. What happened last night? I couldn't tell you. Hopefully, they come back tonight. I mean, they got bombed, but they got resiliency they'll be back Yankees turned to veterans Tabatha on the mound for game four tonight steward. I for him. I mean, this comedian his career, and I ran into a couple of gloating. Boston fans, the Red Sox are the best team baseball right now, happy camper. Hopefully, they ended tonight. Glare was the dagger. Scott Pringle, NBC. News Radio New jersey. A Netflix subscriber in India is seeking professional help after realizing he needed to chill on the streaming service man checked himself into the National Institute of mental health and neurosciences and Bangalore last week. He admitted binging on Netflix. Watching more than seven hours a day in an attempt to escape his reality of having been under stress from being unemployed for six years. Typical. Netflix users watched an average of fifteen minutes a day last year, Tom Roberts, NBC News Radio.

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