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Doing a whole episode about the Raisa country and Garth Brooks in one thousand nine hundred that's a whole other topic. We could we could talk for days about about the career Garth Brooks. But rap and country benefited more than any other genera from a more accurate data because it got past the sort of built in bias that the industry had some of which was ninety even you know corruption. It was simply the fact that if you called up, you know, your average record retailer he would sort of lean toward the same sort of rock and pop titles. And he may be wasn't paying enough attention to the fact that like an NWEA album was actually among his better sellers, and they were just under reported until you had better data now the data's so so so good because you can you know, you're getting streaming from things like Spotify, apple music, and like you said a YouTube and TJ speaking of Spotify. Let me just send a quick message out to folks I've been getting some tweets lately with people asking whether we do Spotify playlists that are tied to our full length. Hit parade episodes and the short and happy answer is. Yes, we do. If you check the show page the slate show page for each episode. And of

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