Monica Lewinsky: Bill Clinton and I never hooked up in the Oval Office


That's true. Monica Lewinsky says hanky-panky within President Bill Clinton never took place in the Oval Office in another clip from the Clinton affair docu series. The former intern who has reinvented herself as me to advocate, an anti bullying activist talks about her hookups with the married commander in chief which led to his one thousand nine hundred ninety eight impeachment will they routinely met in the White House sexual relations took place outside the iconic office of the president. But nearby quote, no monkey business happened in the Oval Office proper. She said she's forty five years old, by the way, we would talk and maybe flirt here there, but no sexual activity. Happened in the Oval Office. So if you're wondering where it happened he had a private personal office. That's off to the side that consists only of a back steady a dining room a little pantry in a bathroom. That's where every intimate encounter

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