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Mike moss. President Trump is warning the stock market will seek if Republicans don't do well in the midterm elections next week because there's a good feeling India. There are a lot of people voted go out and vote. But if it comes out good, I think the market's gonna continue to go through a period that like we've never seen before with six days until the midterm elections. Trump is criticizing the Republican House speaker. Here's White House. Correspondent Bob Costantini. With current speaker of the house Paul Ryan as the most prominent Republican to say, the president can't end birthright citizenship with an executive order. The president fired back Paul Ryan should be focusing on holding the majority rather than giving his opinions on birthright citizenship, something he knows nothing about our new Republican majority will work on this closing the immigration loopholes and securing our border Ryan is leaving congress the president's embarking on an H day campaign. Swing before the elections more than twenty million. Voters have already cast their ballots as a result of early voting. Prosecutors have found a picture of Michelle Obama's license. Among a cache of target images the alleged pipe bomber Ceasar say stored on his phone. The department of Justice says say was planning to send the devices for months and began preparing in July. Daniel security adviser, John Bolton says Russia should be concerned about China's collection of intermediate range nuclear missiles estimate is somewhere between thirty three and fifty percent of China's missiles fall into that category. None of them can reach the United States, and we all have ratios with countries on our southern border Russia's interests. Russia's issues are a little bit more acute than ours are North Carolina officials now say the damage in that state from hurricane Florence is approached seventeen billion dollars. They say the figure could rise as more claims her made on Wall Street scrawling day, the Dow up to forty one SNP up thirty three. I'm Mike moss. This is a court ordered notice current and former foreign Lincoln mercury owners or lessees can receive payments and other benefits from a.

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