Central Florida gets its highest initial playoff ranking at Number 12


UCS not going to have a win of substance when it's all said and done, and and so that makes you wonder how much higher can they get UCF is twelve same ranking that they had in the final release of the thousand seventeen ranking tied for the highest by a group of five team, Ohio State opens it. Number ten after the after falling to Purdue Penn State sitting at number fourteen having lost back to back games to the buckeyes. And Michigan state the big ten's. Final Representative is Iowa. At number sixteen mentioned number seven, Oklahoma. The highest ranking big twelve team they had a list that includes West Virginia number thirteen number seventeen Texas and Iowa State at number twenty four sportscenter allnight ESPN radio and the ESPN app from college to the pros. NFL trade deadline passing us on Tuesday. And in some respects, the rich get richer. The Rams the only unbeaten remaining in the NFL adding Dante Fowler to the defensive line ESPN insider Bill Polian Fowler had been a disappointment on and off the field in Jacksonville hadn't produced. He was not a starter. And he had some difficulties off the field. So this was a question of cutting ties.

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