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Wally shaver on Frank Masako, welcoming you back to the leans arena as Minnesota golden gophers fall to the North Dakota fighting hawks by a three to one count one of those goals and empty netter for North Dakota. But they really did turn things around after falling behind in this game. One nothing Frank. I think the one word that really describes North Dakota's play, relentless. They're on you, everywhere everywhere. Yeah. Like, you said a little bit earlier it services, they're hitting their they get penalized for a couple of hits that were a little overly aggressive. There's no question about that. But then they came and then they just played the body just played about eight played a good part clean hitting game. I thought those couple that were called, but it was tough. It was physical and. Something that Moscow described as saying that they just put green jerseys on it doesn't matter who the name is just keep coming at you. And we have seen that year after year after year from North Dakota. They're gonna body pressure. You and too often look all the gophers will wilt on that a bit and soften up. And that's what happened tonight. Right off their game. Made it extremely difficult. I think in all zones particularly in the Minnesota defensive zone. We how many times that you point out tonight where they just couldn't get out across Senate race and barely across center zone. And it was one and done break back. The other way, you know, early on. I was thinking, okay. This was intended for solid sewer this past was this. We're going to try to skate it. They're gonna find somebody that are gonna dump it out here by the end of the game. I don't they didn't have a plan by the end of the game. It looked like they didn't have a plan. But your point then it was very well taken as that four. Check for North Dakota was was swarming. It was a cycling fortune. There were no avenues that you had to be very precise. And Chris and sharp had short with your passes and the gophers couldn't put any of that together. Because North Dakota was just all over a go. You.

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