11 dead in Pittsburgh synagogue shooting


Shooting. Eleven people killed in Pittsburgh earlier this morning. Many more wounded, including law enforcement officials. Just wrapping up on what we know about the suspected shooter's online post. He apparently is posted dozens of anti semitic messages over the past month or so including denials of the holocaust. Conspiracy theories about Jews destroying the planet. Fuelling mass migration. I'm not gonna read the specifics. It's disgusting. The shooter posted several messages, supporting President Trump from globalist, not a nationalist. There's no make America great again as long as there is a blank infestation. And then just this morning. Before the attack. He wrote in another post about this Hebrew, emigrant organization likes to bring invaders and that kill our people. He says I can't sit by and watch my people get slaughtered. Screw your optics. I'm going in. And sadly, that's exactly what he did. With now eleven dead and many more injured and the investigation continues. As does the blame game the same texture that I mentioned before the news. I'm not gonna keep reading this. You know, it's unfortunate the texters. They won't call and engage in a conversation. They like to just post stuff. So I'm not going to continue to read it. It's it's obvious. This texture has an anti-trump slant and is going to tie anything and everything associated with the male bomber the shooter suspect in Pittsburgh. And I guess everything else to to President Trump and very little. I would think is going to change the mindset of the texture or. Those

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