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The NFL, like I said, full swing. We're heading into week. And the Los Angeles Rams are seven, and, oh. They're seven ino-. They're not fucking around the New England Patriots AFC east five and to the Pittsburgh Steelers, somehow, someway are three and two, three, two in one data tied Houston Texans with my man to Shawn Watson, who is my starting fantasy football quarterback, and he gives me. I don't breathe really well watching him. He makes me very nervous, their foreign three. There atop the AFC south. The Kansas City Chiefs are really the greatest show on turf. They're six in one and the chargers are also AFC west team. They're five and two. The Redskins are somehow someway quietly foreign to an sleeper team, Philadelphia Eagles lost. Sorry. Suckers the Vikings of foreign to a New Orleans Saints are five and one in the NFC south. And as I said, the Los Angeles Rams are seven, and I wonder, I'm not gonna check. We don't fact check at the poor stereo podcast. I wonder if the Kansas City Chiefs play the Rams that would be like basketball game that would literally be like basketball, halftime numbers. It'd be like sixty three to fifty. If those two teams played, I would love to see it. I don't know if that's on the schedule. But I know that would be a out of all two thousand eighteen shootouts. Now I am going to answer back on my man's behalf. About a week ago, friend of the IM report stereo podcast and friend of mine. And as I said, one of the funniest people, my main man, Nick two zero was on the IM Rappaport stereo podcasts as our major league baseball analyst and he wrongly wrongly. I know he feels bad predicted that the Houston Astros would kick the shit out of the Boston Red Sox. And we all know I don't give a shit about baseball. I don't follow baseball. I literally probably couldn't name five baseball players in the league today. I probably could now because I watch a couple of dodgers games, but we all know I'm not a baseball fan, but it's come down to two teams. It's the Boston Red Sox who beat the Astros, although our guy Nicotrol predicted and led me to believe that that wouldn't happen. The Boston Red Sox beat the Houston Astros and the Los Angeles Dodgers beat the Milwaukee Brewers. So here we are. I am left in a conundrum because I want very badly for the Los Angeles Dodgers to beat the shit out of the Boston Red Sox. I fucking can't stand those Ma. Mother fuckers. I don't know any of the players on their team. K, it's in my blood, it's in my DNA. I don't follow baseball, but I want nothing but bad things not literally anything bad to happen and these guys in real life. But for the team, I want the Red Sox to fucking lose. I hate their Boston snot nose snotty nece I need Manny fucking Machado. Okay. And I need Justin Turner to get out there and kicked these mother fuckers asked Clayton Kershaw with you. Three hundred fucking million dollars. Somehow, someway. I don't know what the odds are. But I will be betting. I will be betting on the fucking dodgers to beat the shit out of the Red Sox. Magic Johnson. I'm rooting for you. I'm rooting for the dodgers. I'm a Yankee fan. I grew up a Yankee fan when I cared about baseball. We hated the dodgers. We hated fuck and Tommy Lasorda we eighty fucking Steve Garvey. I couldn't stand Steve Garvey and his little button, nose and his cleft chin. I hated that motherfucker. K, I loved it when Reggie was knocking home runs when he hit the three home runs in the one World Series game, Chris Chambliss, Greg, nettles, Willie Willie Randolph. I knew the whole, Greg nettles..

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