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Edens thirty eight minutes inbound twenty up on the Kennedy about fifty five of the airport. Our five coming in from O'Hare fifty from the Edens express it thirty two in Bonn Ike is now or five from fifty three forty six for manhind fifty outbound fifty three still have an accident coming in on fifty. Five past veteran's Parkway in the center lane, our ten in from the three fifty five rather an hour from the tri-state in the inbound Ryan's twenty two from ninety fifth heavy in the Bishop Ford from one hundred eleven fifty seven hundred and thirty eight eastbound accident Yola road left lane is blocked with that. Also, an accident. Northbound the tri-state at Halstead that is now off to the side. Elgin accident Randall south of I ninety and very slow in lake shore drive now from Lawrence to Belmont. Have you got a car to sell call wheels Chicago land, Northbrook? It's the fastest easiest and safest way to sell your car. Call eight six six by cars for an appointment walk in with your title walkout with a check wheels of Chicago land for personalize traffic on demand, get the Traffix Chicago app, approved by the mortgage experts have team hockberg just search T R A F F, I X Chicago mayor.

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